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Win.Max is a sports product manufacturer that is dedicated to finding partner agents,design and realization of product customization requirements. We strive to provide fun to kids and their families by integrating technologies with toys and games. Our company has been established in 2008 and set up the head office in Guangzhou.

WIN.MAX launched the world's first all-in-light electronic dart board.Light effects are installed in all target blocks.The LED display colors are more vibrant,making it easier to read scores and game details form the throwing distance. Higher quality LED displays also change colors to distinguish scores players,and other game details.

Unlike the old electronic dartboard,our board's ultra-thin spider allows for tighter shot groupings and a broader target surface area.This increases the ratio of landed shots and significantly reducing bounce-outs.A large catch ring surrounds the target face creating a 360-degree landing zone for any missed shots to protect your walls form any damage.

Main Benefits Of WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

No injuries from errant throws.

Lightweight,stylish,and trendy.

Safer than a traditional dartboard.

Automatically track the scoring system.

Pre-programmed games with lovely sound effects.

The surface of an electronic dartboard doesn’t get punctured.

Overall,Electronic Dart Board is user-friendly,great for childred and beginners to make fun.

WIN.MAX Best Electronic Home Dart Board

Model Product Dimention Games & Options Players Player V.S. Computer Display Segment Construction Built-in Dart Storage Built-in Tip Storage Built-in Tip Storage
WMG08580  51x2.73x43.5cm  21 Games & 65 Options  8  4 Difficulty Levels   1 LED display with “bar type” cricket scoring system  Durable Thermoplastic  6 Darts  √  Power Adapter (Included)
WMG79177  51x6.2x59.6 cm  27 Games & 259 Options  8  4 Difficulty Levels   4 Jumbo LED Displays  Durable Thermoplastic  12 Darts  √  Power Adapter (Included)
WMG76237  45x39.5x2.5 cm  48 Games & 315 Options  8  5 Difficulty Levels   4 Person Cricket LCD Display  Durable Thermoplastic  6 Darts  √  3AA Batteries or Power Adapter (Not Included)
WMG25361  46.5x6.4x67.5 cm  28 Games & 167 Options  8  4 Difficulty Levels   Automatic LCD scoreboard with cricket displays  Durable Thermoplastic  12 Darts  √  Power Adapter (Included)
WMG09563  46x44.8x3.8 cm  32 Games & 500 Options  8  4 Difficulty Levels   Automatic LCD scoreboard with cricket displays  Durable Thermoplastic  6 Darts  √  Power Adapter (Included)
WMG09242  45x51x4.2 cm  16 Games   8  /  Large LCD Cricket Display  Durable Thermoplastic  6 Darts  √  Operation with USB cable (included);2AA Batteries (Not Included)
WMG09900  41x47.5x17.3 cm  26 Games & 523 Options  8  4 Difficulty Levels   Large LCD Cricket Display  Durable Thermoplastic  6 Darts  √  3AA Batteries or Power Adapter (Not Included)
WMG08602  58.2x50.6x7.6 cm  27 Games & 216 Options  8  4 Difficulty Levels   2 x LED cricket indicators   Durable Thermoplastic  12 Darts  √  3AA Batteries or Power Adapter (Not Included)

Extended accessories

Model Grams Applicable product type Contents
WMG70020  18g   Electronic Dartboad  12 x Darts24 x Additional Flights50 x Tips2 x Flight Guard 20 x O Ring and 1 x Kitiet.
WMG50282  18g  Electronic Dartboad & Sisial dartboard 3 x nylon shafts.3 x weights.3 x steel dart tips.3 x soft dart tips.

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What is an Electronic Dart Board?

An electronic dart board is like a beginner’s dart board. It looks like a real dart board, but instead of having a felt surface, it’s plastic and has tiny holes for the darts to fit into. Electronic dart boards are safer and more convenient than traditional ones, and they keep score automatically!

Are Electronic Dart Boards Any Good?

Yes, absolutely. Electronic dart boards are just as good as traditional ones in almost every case unless you’re playing a high-level tournament. In fact, for home use, they’re probably even better since they’re much safer for children.

How Do I Choose an Electronic Dart Board?

Choosing an electronic dart board starts with determining the main reason why you need it. Fun? Family? Practice? Then move on to your budget. Finally, let other factors like playing field size, different colors, game selection, and durability take over. Different boards are better for different reasons.

What is the Most Popular Dart Game?

Cricket is by far the most popular dart game in the world. Followed by the 01’s and Around the World. We highly recommend a dart board that has multiple cricket options. That’s the game that most of your guests will know how to play.

Are Electronic Boards a Better Option Than a Bristle Board?

A bristle board is a traditional board that’s made out of the fibers of sisal and comes with darts that consist of brass with steel tips. An electronic board is made out of plastic and relies on electricity to operate. The darts used are also made out of plastic, complete with plastic tips.

These are the types of boards that you can commonly find used in competitions, or smaller sports bars and arcades. For some, the bristle board is the only type of board to play on, especially when it comes to competitive play.

Electronic Dartboard Tips

If your board is battery-operated, then make sure you bring along extra batteries if you plan on taking it with you on your next trip to grandma’s house or a family vacation.

Even with soft-tipped darts, you need to protect your surroundings. Hitting a bare wall can still leave a hole or mark, which is why you should consider using a protective mat in the area. While it’s true that metal darts can do a lot more damage, you’ll still need to protect your space.

Measure the amount of space you have available before you buy. Because you need to be prepared for bounce offs and the darts hitting the walls and the surrounding objects, you’ll find that you need quite a bit of space for a new board setup

If you’re new to the game of darts, go with a model that features a large playing field, which is more forgiving than the smaller boards, which can make it difficult to land a shot. Additionally, if you normally compete, then you’ll also want to use a board that is regulation size.

Always keep replacement tips on hand since the plastic tips are prone to breaking

Tips on using your electronic dartboard

Always use the manual to learn about the different game modes which are available.

Never use darts which are too sharp or heavy as this can damage the board.

Check whether any of the settings allow you adjust for bounce-outs, some let you manually add or remove points based on whether a dart bounces.

When you first start using the board, be very gentle when removing the darts. Sometimes, with a brand new board, both darts and the plastic board need a little time to be properly worn in.

Do I need an internet connection to use it?

Depending on the online capabilities, you may need an internet connection to access all of the features. Some boards allow you to play against others online if you have an internet connection. This requires you linking via bluetooth to an app on your phone or tablet.

How do I choose the right weight for my soft tip darts?

This is a matter of personal preference. Different people prefer different weights, and this is true among beginners and professionals alike. Some boards do have a maximum weight, so you should also refer to the manual just to check this before choosing.

Why buy an electronic soft tip dart board?


Electronic dartboards use soft tip darts, as opposed to the sharp steel tip darts used with bristle boards. As the name suggests, soft tip darts have blunt plastic tips that are less likely to cause injury or put holes in your wall when you miss the board. This is why soft tip boards are a popular choice for parents with small children running around!

Automated scoring and features

For anyone who’s been to Flight Club, you’ll know how satisfying it is when the board automatically records your score so you don’t have to bother with all the mental arithmetic. This keeps the game moving quickly, it’s great for parties, and it can help you improve by tracking metrics like average score per throw. Be careful though, some of the lower quality boards aren’t great at registering the dart and this feature can become more of a frustration than a benefit.

Can traditional darts be used on electronic dartboards?

Traditional darts come with sharp, pointed tips that can puncture the electronic dartboard. They are not designed to be used on these boards. If you have traditional darts, buy a bristle board and use them there.

Are electronic dartboards safe for kids?

Well, yes. These boards are specially designed for kids. As the tips are made of plastic, there is little risk of injury. The main thing is to be responsible while using it.

Can You Use Steel Tipped Darts on an Electric Dart Board?

No, you can’t use steel-tipped darts on an electric dart board. You must use soft tip darts.

What Kind of Dart Boards do the Pros Use?

Professional players and sponsored tournaments almost always use bristle boards. It’s the most durable material, and it’s perfect for tight dart groupings.

How long do dart boards last?

Electronic dartboards will often have a lifespan of around two years.

Which type of darts can I use with electronic dart boards?

The best darts to use with an electronic dartboard are usually soft tip darts

Reasons to Choose Electronic Dartboards

Here are some of the best reasons why many folks prefer electronic dartboards over traditional dartboards.

1, With electronic dartboards, you do not require inputting the scores yourself. Imagine the last time you used a traditional dartboard and the fuss that was made over score calculation. With this board, there is no cheating or manipulation; what you hit is what you get. Aside from the accuracy of scores, it also saves you time.

2, They come with features that make playing darts more interesting. Traditional dartboard does not come with features like lighting or sound effects. However, electronic darts come with sound effects. Some of these effects are even customizable to provide you with a more enjoyable game.

3, They are safe to play. To make the darts stick to the board, traditional dartboards often used sharp, metal tips. While this might provide a satisfying thump, it is dangerous. The electronic darts feature plastic tips. Thus, the risk of injury while playing is largely reduced.

4, They are more durable. Electronic dartboards are quite durable. Unlike traditional dart that can gradually destroy furniture and the surface of the board, these darts are safe and friendly on your furniture and board.

5, All members of the family or group can play on electronic dartboards.

Disadvantages of Electronic Dartboards

Despite all the excellent advantages, these boards also come with cons. Some of these are:

1、You require special darts to play a game on them. Without these darts, playing a game will be impossible.

2、They usually cost more than traditional darts due to their additional features

3、For folks used to regular darts and dartboards, the electronic experience might not be as fulfilling.

4、They cannot be used in professional tournaments

How Much Do Electronic Dart Boards Cost?

Electronic dart boards cost anywhere from about $30 to more than $200. A good one won’t cost less than $50.


As we pointed out earlier, electronic dartboards are not designed for playing professional tournaments. Thus, they come at a size smaller than the stipulated 18″ diameter of tournament-style boards.

Most electronic boards on the market come at 15.5″. While it isn’t as big as traditional boards, it is usually enough for casual playing and can help you to work your way up to a bigger traditional board.

Number of Players

The number of players will affect the type of board you choose. Boards usually come with a maximum number of players. It can be up to eight players or 16. The 16-player board comes with more features than the 8-player board, and it might be more expensive.

Number of Games

Electronic dartboards come with several games. Some of these boards have up to 50 games you can choose from! The higher the number of games the board has, the more fun you will have playing with friends or family.

Each of the game modes can also be customized based on the number of players and the style you desire to play.

Light and Sound Effects

Although these are not essential, they are an excellent addition to every electronic dartboard. Traditional dartboards do not come with sound or light effects, but the sound of the dart thumping into the wood is entirely satisfactory and excellent. Similarly, the light and sound effects from electronic dartboards make the game more exciting to play. Some boards come with sounds that heckle you and designed to come on at random times. This type of feature can improve your reaction time and create more fun and excitement.

Source of Power

Traditional boards do not run on any power, however electronic dartboards, as the name implies, require to be powered up. The means of powering the board will affect the choice you make. Many of these boards have a power adapter that you plug into the wall to power up the board and darts. Others are battery-powered. Battery-powered dartboards are great since they can be used almost anywhere; just pop in the batteries, and you are good to go. However, batteries cost money and can end up being an expensive option.


The biggest advantage these boards offer over traditional boards is their reputation for accuracy. With an electronic board, there are thousands of holes located all over the segments. Behind the board, there are hundreds of sensors that are designed to pick up movement and pressure. When a dart lands in any of the holes the sensors will register the movement. This is why these boards are considered so accurate and not at the mercy of human error like bristle boards are.


Another major advantage of these boards is the automatic scoring. This prevents the need of having the players manually keep track of the score. Higher priced models will come with scoreboards that are very accurate and on point.


These boards may be pricier than a traditional board, but they also have a reputation for being more durable. This is because these boards are made out of plastic, which is what helps to keep the weight of the board down, improving durability. Since the board uses plastic-tipped darts, there is also minimal damage done to the board. Bristle boards tend to wear out much faster due to the use of steel-tipped darts. If you’re planning on keeping your board in a permanent setup, then weight and size won’t be nearly as important as durability.

Playing Field

The size of a board’s playing field will also matter. The more space you have to land a dart, the more fun you’re going to have. Additionally, a larger playing field will be more beginner-friendly. According to dart rules, the regulation-sized playing field should measure in at fifteen and a half inches. If you want a decent playing field size, I don’t recommend going below a board that has a playing field size of thirteen inches. A larger playing field will also be a must if you want to play a competitive game with a friend.

Voice Prompts

This is a great feature if you’re looking for an arcade-style board. The voice prompts can make the game more fun and engaging, adding an extra layer of excitement to a game.


Aside from size, the next factor you’ll want to consider is the weight. The types of materials used to produce these boards will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most models are made mainly out of plastic, however, you can find some that will also include a combination of wood, rubber, and metal. Models made out of these materials will be heavier than boards that are made mainly out of plastic. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t judge an electronic board based on its weight since weight is not the best indicator of quality. Additionally, if you want to play darts indoors inside the home than a heavier board will work fine, but if you want to play outside then a lightweight board will be a better option since these boards are more portable.


These boards are divided into twenty radial sections, each of which features different point values, but the shape and the design of the holes and spider can vary. Watch out for obtrusive, thicker spiders, or holes that are poorly made since both can have an impact on shot quality and can even block the darts. Look for a board with concave-shaped holes since these boards can do a much better job of keeping darts securely in place.


With a traditional board, two people will play a round, but with an electronic board, that automatically keeps track of the score, more people can play at one time, without any confusion. Some models can even accommodate fourteen to sixteen different players at a time. Of course, boards that are designed to accommodate more players will come with a higher price tag. These boards usually also feature a more tech-heavy design that younger players or those who prefer arcade-style boards, love.

Dart Quality

The darts that are included in one of these sets will vary in terms of feel, look, weight, and design. If you’re a seasoned player then you may end up wanting to purchase your own set. Beginners will want to take into consideration the style of the darts based on personal preference.


Some models will come with built-in storage compartments that will allow you to keep all of your dartboard supplies together and neatly organized. These storage compartments are often found on higher priced models,= and it’s a great feature to have if you don’t want to worry about losing darts and dart tips due to the kids misplacing the pieces after a game.

App Use

With an electronic model, you won’t have to stress about finding someone to play with since a board can play against you. Some models also have the ability to link you with another player, via a dedicated app. An app will allow you to complete with players all over the world. Some systems will also keep track of your best scores and include a ranking system. In order to ensure these games are played fairly, these boards will also allow you to live-stream your shots or they will include a wide-angle camera. Additionally, these apps will keep track of your game scores, so you can keep an eye on your progress.


Many of the dartboard manufacturers also produce several accessories to choose from so you can turn your man cave into a pro dartboard game room. These accessories include dart mats that will protect your walls from damage, throw lines, and decorative cabinets that you can use to store your board and all your supplies. Most models will come with several replacement tips, which will come in handy since these plastic darts are notorious for breaking. If you do end up breaking tips and need replacement darts and/or tips you can also order more directly from the manufacturer.


The time and effort it takes to set up an electronic dartboard can affect your choice. Nobody wants a board that will take hours to set up before you can play. Therefore, ensure that you check out what others are saying about the ease and duration of installation before you buy the dartboard.


Popular brand names usually produce the highest quality of products. The brand is one of the features that can assist you in selecting the right dartboard. While less famous manufacturer might produce good boards, finding one is especially challenging. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it would be smarter to choose a brand that is known for high-quality products.


Whenever you are buying a product, whether an electronic dartboard or any other product, the warranty is essential. A warranty is a mark of confidence in the product. If the board doesn’t come with a warranty. Then you should steer clear away from it: how can you trust a product if the manufacturer doesn’t trust it?

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