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The WIN.MAX steel tip dart board is made of professional steel dart head and its surface is made of high-quality, high-density African sisal fiber, which is self-healing and maximizes its service life. 100% spipless blade steel wire, which will make the darts stick to the board more easily, reduce bouncing, make them fly around, and ensure big scores. This bristle steel tip dart has a swivel digital ring that diffuses wear and extends the life of the dart board while improving shooting accuracy. Includes easy-to-use Mounting Hardware, two sets of darts, throw line, and throw line measurement tape, so you’ll be playing at any time.

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If you want a high-quality bristle dartboard, WIN. MAX dartboard is the way to go. Whether you are a serious competitor or just a casual player, WIN. MAX bristle dartboard is a great thing to have in your man cave.

Sisal has the highest elasticity, and with the new sisal handling technology, the sisal dartboard is one of the most durable boards to date.  Food-grade Eco inks provide better visibility of ink penetration into each fiber of cardboard.  It provides better visibility due to lower glare and richer color.  Food-grade inks also increase the strength of cardboard.  


Tournament tested under extreme match play conditions, this dartboard has proved to be the player’s choice. Manufactured to International Tournament Specifications, this high density, staple-free bristle board, features knife wire dividers, low glare number ring. It is truly the ultimate no bounce-out concept. With matt ring, thinnest razor wire, all-around sanding, seamless sections, the dartboard has the clearest playing surface ever.


Reduces bounce-outs when aiming for the bullseye, increasing your score.


Highly compressed sisal fibers provide unsurpassed durability. It also allows for better darts penetration, which can reduce bounce-outs and darts from falling on the floor.


2.2 inches wide of protection saves your wall from ugly holes.


WIN.MAX dartboards are made using only premium materials and we want you to enjoy your professional equipment as long as possible. This is why WIN.MAX Boards are equipped with a rotatable number ring, preventing you from stressing your favorite aiming position more than other parts of the board. This helps to extend the life of your dartboard.

WIN.MAX China steel tip dart board features

The official game-size dartboard is 450mm in diameter and 38mm deep.  The razor wire has 30 degrees less Angle, less bounce, and the bull's eye is made of carbon diffusion technology with stronger steel rings.

This best bristle dartboard is of international standard thickness, durability, and flexibility in professional grades.  

Official tournament size
The thinnest razor wire
The clear playing surface
Official tournament size

This dartboard is made to withstand a lot of wear and tear. With an official tournament size of 18 inches in diameter and a weight of 13 pounds, the board can handle anything you throw at it. These boards have only gotten better with time. They are made from high-quality materials to last a lifetime and offer guys the opportunity to play with authentic darts.

The thinnest razor wire

The unique thing about this board is the wiring system. Instead of staples, the ultra-thin wire is embedded into the bristles. This provides 10% more playing area and virtually nothing to get in the way of the darts. With this, the amount of ‘dead space’ on the board is kept to a minimum, and there are almost no bounce-outs to be had – the darts will stick nearly every time.

The clear playing surface

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In order to create this dartboard, we choose top-grade Kenyan sisal to strengthen elasticity and to avoid knots. Using a high absorbent coloring fluid gives the dartboard a bright intensive finish. Matt's ring reduces light reflection and lowers the distractions on the board. The surface is all-rounded sanded and the edge is polished for easily rotating. The most important thing is that we strictly control the temperature to ensure each dartboard has a good density, which allows for better darts penetration and reduces bounce-outs and darts from falling on the floor.

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One of the worst mistakes most beginners make when they first start playing darts is to go to the store to find the cheapest dart because they assume that all darts are the same and it doesn't matter which one they choose. Choosing the right darts, whether for beginners or professional players, will play an important role in the game and even improve their skills. WIN.MAX will provide you with high-quality darts, as the largest sports equipment supplier in China, not only dartboard but also game table, skateboard and so on.

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  • Model Number WMG11504
    Production name Match play bristle dartboard
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Brand Name WIN.MAX
    Type dartboard
    Material sisal
    Dartboard 18″x1-1/2″ dartboard
    Ctn Size 47*15*47cm
    Packing Colour Box

    1. Q: Can you use steel tip darts on any dart board?

    A: Steel tip dart is a traditional dart, steel tip dart can only be used for bristle dart board and sisal dart board, can’t be used for electronic dart board.

    2. Q:  What is a steel tip dartboard?

    A: Steel tip dartboards are made of bristle or paper for pros and beginners alike. 

    3. Q: What type of dartboard does professionals use?

    A: Professional dart players almost exclusively use bristle dart boards.

    4. Q: What is the throwing distance for steel tip darts?

    A: Steel tip dartboards: Horizontal distance is 7 feet 9 ¼ inches (2.37 meters). Soft tip dartboards: Horizontal distance is 8 feet (2.44 meters). It’s important to measure from the face of the dartboard, not from the wall.

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