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WIN.MAX professional bristle dartboard has a self-healing surface made from high-quality,densely-packed African sisal fiber,for max durability and increased longevity.with 100% staple-free bladed wires,which will make it easier for darts to stick on the board,reduce the bounce-outs that send them flying all over and ensure big scores.This bristle steel tip dartboard has a rotatable number ring that spreads the wear and prolongs the life of your dartboard,while enhancing precision shots.Includes easy-to-use mounting hardware, two sets of darts, a throw line, and throw line measuring tape so you’ll be playing in no time.

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If you want a high-quality bristle dartboard, WIN.MAX dartboard is the way to go. Whether you are a serious competitor or just a casual player, WIN.MAX dartboard is a great thing to have in your man cave.


Tournament tested under extreme match play condition, this dartboard has proved to be the player’s choice. Manufactured to International Tournament Specifications, this high density, staple-free bristle board, features knife wire dividers, low glare number ring. It is truly the ultimate no bounce-out concept. With matt ring, thinnest razor wire, all-around sanding, seamless sections, the dartboard has the clearest playing surface ever.

STAPLE-FREE BULLSEYE------------Reduces bounce outs when aiming for the bullseye, increasing your score.

STRICTLY CONTROLLED DENSITY------------Highly compressed sisal fibers provide unsurpassed durability. It also allows for better darts penetration, which can reduce bounce-outs and darts from falling on the floor.

EXTENDED DART CATCH AREA------------2.2 inch wide of protection saves your wall from ugly holes.

MOVABLE NUMBER RING------------WIN.MAX dartboards are made using only premium materials and we want you to enjoy your professional equipment as long as possible. This is why WIN.MAX Boards are equipped with a rotatable number ring, preventing you from stressing your favorite aiming position more than other parts of the board. This helps to extend the life of your dartboard.

dartboard high tec First class Kenyan sisal number ring


This dartboard is made to withstand a lot of wear and tear. With an official tournament size of 18 inches in diameter and a weight of 13 pounds, the board can handle anything you throw at it. These boards have only gotten better with time. They are made from high-quality materials to last a lifetime and offer guys the opportunity to play with authentic darts.


The unique thing about this board is the wiring system. Instead of staples, the ultra-thin wire is embedded into the bristles. This provides 10% more playing area and virtually nothing to get in the way of the darts. With this, the amount of ‘dead space’ on the board is kept to a minimum, and there are almost no bounce-outs to be had – the darts will stick nearly every time.


In order to create this dartboard, we choose top-grade Kenyan sisal to strengthen elasticity and to avoid knots. Using a high absorbent coloring fluid gives the dartboard a bright intensive finish. Matt's ring reduces light reflection and lowers the distractions on the board. The surface is all-rounded sanded and the edge is polished for easily rotating. The most important thing is that we strictly control the temperature to ensure each dartboard has a good density which allows for better darts penetration and reduces bounce-outs and darts from falling on the floor.


The number rings on the board are coated in a matt hard chrome, reducing light reflection to a minimum whilst. The Movable number ring also further extends the dartboard's life.

dart board


The sisal has the highest elasticity and sits perfectly straight with no knots in it. Along with the new sisal treating technology, the dartboard is one of our most durable boards to date. FOOD-GRADE ECO INKS OFFERS BETTER VISIBILITYThe ink penetrates deep into the individual fibers of the board. It offers better visibility due to low glare and richer colors. The food-grade ink will also add more strength to the board.
WIN.MAX steel tip dartboard is sanded in different directions. This provides the dartboard more balanced playing surface. It also promotes self-healing ability and adds to its longevity.
The composite edge gives the board a better and more modern look. It also allows for the dartboard professional to be easily rotated and for the number ring to be adjusted accordingly.
dart baorddart baord dart baord dart baord


Official tournament size dartboard measures 450 mm in diameter and 38mm in Depth. The razor wire reduces bounce-outs with a 30-degree reduction in razor wire angling and the bullseye is comprised of carbon diffusion technology for a stronger, steel ring.


The sisal fibers on this dartboard are very tight and have incredible tensile strength consequently. 1.4 inches Depth of sisal with strictly controlled density helps darts penetrate the dartboard and reduce bouncing.


top-grade Kenyan sisal; high absorbent coloring fluid; matt ring; seamless playing surface; all-round sanding; manual polished dartboard edge.

Play darts


Find a spot. Ideally, you'll want to mount the dartboard in a low-traffic area where it is out of the way. Bear in mind that you'll need 7 feet 9 1/4 inches of space in front of the board.
Measure the height. The center of the bulls-eye should be 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) in height from the floor. Mark the spot in pencil.
Install the mounting hardware. Insert the bigger screw halfway into the center back of the board and then install the mounting plate with another 2 screws onto the wall on the spot that you've designated with your pencil.
Use a hammer to fix the bumpers with nails into the 3 remaining holes on the back of the board.
The board should be flush with the wall.

TIPS FOR DARTBOARD MAINTENANCE1.Turn the Dartboard RegularlyTurning the dartboard regularly will spread the wear to give the longest life for your dartboard.2.Store dartboard in a cool, dry place wherever possible.

WIN.MAX dartboards are continually tested during every process and have been developed to perform in the widest range of scenarios (including the widest range of temperature, humidity, and climate environments possible). However, we recommend you position/store your dartboard in a cool, dry place wherever possible.

3.Do Not Soak the Dartboard

No liquids should ever come into contact with the surface of a bristle dartboard set, as this could damage the dartboards and decrease their lifespan.

4.Keep Good Points to Your Darts

Blunt and engineered dart points will damage your dartboard quickly as they can cause over-compaction and also prevent the bristles from "healing" once the dart has been removed. Twisting the dart as it is being removed from the board can help with this.

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