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When you have a complete set of darts equipment, how do you place it? How you stand, and whether your posture is correct during the game, will affect your chances of winning.

These problems should be your primary consideration: where does the darting equipment need to be placed? how much space does it take up in your room?

Darts should be a place in your home or residence where you can play darts in a reliable and satisfactory environment. Space where you can exercise and perform your favorite darts games with your friends of countless hours Fortunately, fixing your dartboard and designing an optimal dart place is not that complex, costly, and time-consuming. The minimum recommended play area is 5 feet wide and 11 feet long Also, there are many rules for a target, one of which is target height. The target's height is 5 feet, 8 inches: from the ground to the core of the bullseye.

Once the dart is in right place, the next step is to learn the posture and movements that are appropriate for you. Here are some suggestions and I'm sure you'll find the one that suits you best. There are a few different types of stances that most dart players use when standing at the throwing line. Most players stand with their dominant side forward. If you are throwing darts right-handed, you should also have your right foot in front at the throw line.

Forward Stance

The forward stance consists of the toe of your front foot touching the throw line. If you are in favor of squaring your shoulders up against the dartboard and having your head face directly forward when you shoot, you will be in favor of this stance.

Angled Stance

The angled stance is the in-between of the forward and side if you like to have a balance of both. This is the less common stance as most players typically favor one approach vs. the other.

Side Stance

The side stance is popular and allows the entire edge of your front shooting foot to be on the throw line. Your less dominant foot then sits closer to the throw line than the other two angled and forward stance options.

At this point, you have all the basics of darts. Grab your darts and start a fun and intense game.

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