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Darts are a very popular sport nowadays. It not only exercises your muscles or eyesight, but also allows you to enjoy total relaxation. Who doesn't love a little more socializing on the weekend? 

Unfortunately, this usually involves going to a sedate bar where the dartboard is either in poor condition or surrounded by several drunken patrons, clamoring for his or her turn.

To avoid this headache, we can find our own dartboard.

Whether you're a serious competitor or just an improvisational player, a good dart will let you have a lot of fun.

Although most people don't realize it, there are plenty of options when it comes to darts. There are not only different brands and models, but also different styles.

Today, we will teach you how to distinguish bristle dartboard and sisal dartboard.


What is a bristle dartboard?

The bristle is set more than 5 cm long growing on the neck and the back of a pig. It is the main raw material for industrial and quartermaster brushes. The quality of dartboard made of bristle is very good, and it is the common dartboard used in an international darts competition. It has the characteristics of good throwing feeling, self-healing of the puncture, and basically no trace.

 The bristle dartboard is better than the electronic dartboard, and the darts can be inserted into the dartboard without a trace. The size of the dartboard is also made according to the international standard of 18 inches. Suitable for professional competition or practice. But electronic dartboards are safer for children because they don't have a sharp steel tip.


What is a sisal dartboard?

The sisal dartboard plate is the most popular and best quality dartboard in modern times, as well as the designated plate for regular games. The dartboard is made of sisal fiber. The English superior hemp dartboards are made of sisal hemp from Africa (mainly Kenya). Most of the darts produced in China come from Hainan Island, so many people used to call the sisal dartboard plate Qiongma pan. Sisal dartboards are more complicated to make than another dartboard, using more than 10 tons of pressure to squeeze the fibers into shape, then the outer ring is secured with iron hoops. Therefore, the hardness of a good hemp darts plate is moderate, when the dartboard is pulled out from the plate, the dart hole will automatically close, making its service life much higher than other materials of dartboard plate.

The shape and distribution of the barbed wire used to divide the areas have been constantly modified, and the following types of dartboards have been derived:


Triangle dartboard

The triangular disc refers not to the shape of the disc, but to the shape of the wire. The wire of a dartboard is round, and the wire of a triangle is triangular. But now it's gradually being phased out.

blade wire dartboard

This dartboard is simply a piece of iron embedded in the plate, the plate surface has no fixed clip, but also further increases the area of each partition and reduces the chance of dart eject.

Based on the above explanation, I believe you have a choice in mind. Instead of braving the rain to play darts at a pub on a bad day, buy a dartboard to hang on the wall at home and invite friends to play with.

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