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WIN.MAX is a professional darts maker and football table supplier, whose products are usually of high quality and affordable price.  This article is mainly about the optimal weight of steel tip darts

Most beginners make this mistake when they first start playing darts.  Just go to the store and find the cheapest dart, because they think all darts are the same and it doesn't matter which one you choose.  Choosing the right darts, whether for beginners or professional players, will play an important role in the game and even improve their skills.


Types of darts

Steel tip darts and soft darts are the most important types in the market.  The steel tip is specially designed for the bristle dartboard. The sharp steel tip will easily penetrate the steel plate.  When the tip wears out, it can be sharpened or replaced to prevent replacing the entire dart.  Soft tip darts are suitable for electronic dartboards because darts are light in weight, between 14 and 16 grams.  

Dart design

Most darts are of the same design, the difference is the material, and the materials used to make the darts differ from each other.  For example, brass darts are made of brass, and while they are popular, they are not designed for competition;  Nickel silver darts are similar to brass darts and have the same density, but are more expensive and more durable;  Tungsten darts are very popular with professionals, with high density and durability to make the most of your money for greater returns.  For beginners, it is a good choice to train with brass darts that are cheap and easy to carry or durable and professional tungsten darts with high tungsten content. Dart shaft suggests 

There are a variety of materials to choose from, plastic darts and nylon darts tend to be the most affordable, but in order for darts to really stand the test of time, an aluminum rod would be the best choice.  Beginners suggest using aluminum alloy material, which is very durable, cheap to replace and subject to little vibration, and will not easily come loose from the dart barrel.  


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Select the dart wing

Darts wings are another factor that many professionals consider when choosing the perfect dart. Professionals usually make dart wing choices based on the weight and throwing speed of the dart.  For those who like to throw quickly, choose smaller and thinner dart wings.  This means the dart will reach its target quickly, making it less susceptible to environmental and airflow.  Players who prefer a slow throw will want to opt for larger wings, which will give the dart stability when it reaches its target.  


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Best dart weights for beginners

Materials and price are important, but weight is more important in choosing darts, a factor that beginners tend to overlook.  Most players can use darts of 16 to 20 grams, the most common weight, but experimentation is recommended.  If the weight doesn't feel right, try something else and never limit yourself to that particular range just because it's popular.  

Choosing the right weight is important, but getting a good quality dartboard is just as important.  Using a poor-quality dartboard is likely to damage your darts and soon you will have longevity problems.  WIN.MAX not only manufactures darts, but also offers dartboards.  

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