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Although many dart masters do not like to admit it, the fact is that darts are occasionally thrown into the wall due to various factors, resulting in damage to the wall or the damage of the dart, which is a very sad thing.

This time the role of the dartboard protector is very important, so let's see what is the best dartboard surround.

DIY dartboard surrounds

If you want to DIY a special protection board, you can choose some unwanted wood to make a dartboard protector. You can also nail a shelf on the bottom as needed, so you can put some scoring pens and so on.

Look! It's so cool, right?


The word “cool” has just gone up another notch with this wood dartboard backboard with LED lighting, made up of reclaimed wood from a barn which has been buffed, polished, treated, and stained. Dartboard surrounds aren't just functional, they will be very funny too!

The LED light strip is attached to a recess around the wood frame which hides the sunshine fitting and allows the LED glow to project on to the board surface.


WIN.MAX dartboard surrounds

1. PU dartboard surrounds

If you don't have time to make your own backboard, that's fine. There are good quality and cheap dartboard surrounds made in China. Look at this, PU dartboard surrounds, easily installed on your dartboard, large area to catch and protect your darts within a certain range. The unique design of this protective circle can be used on both sides, you can turn it at any time to extend its life, simple appearance. It's also a great gift.


PU dartboard surrounds

2. EVA dartboard surrounds

The WIN.MAX EVA surrounds uses materials that have just the right amount of giving and rigidity. Having the right amount of giving allows for surface penetration. The right amount of rigidity captures the dart, preventing it from slipping out of the surround and falling to the floor.


EVA dartboard surrounds

Why buy a dartboard surrounds?

The role of protection

Many professionals are confident that they will never make a mistake, but I'm sorry to say that sometimes some external factor will cause some darts to fly into your wall. This will make your new house look unsightly with holes in the walls. Dartboard surrounds can protect your darts and walls, give it a try! This will give you a different experience.

Ensure safety

When playing darts, it is very dangerous if the dart ricochets into the wall. Imagine what would happen if a falling dart hit a passing child. It's something to avoid. Good dartboard surrounds prevent the dart from bouncing off.

This is the best summary of the dartboard surround, if you have other recommendations, you are welcome to let us know.

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