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In your search for darts, you are bound to see a variety of darts in different shapes, sizes, or scenarios. So how do we identify these dartboards? And now you know what's a steel tip dartboard.

It and soft tip dartboard the biggest difference lies in the different tips of the dart, the hard dart tip is usually steel, divided into the removable dart tip and non-removable dart tip. Hard darts used by the dartboard usually have a wooden dartboard, paper dartboard, or sisal dartboard, which is the most used sisal dartboard and bristle dartboard.

Steel tip dartboards must be pierced with steel tip darts and are often used in professional darts competitions and during professional practice. Steel tip dartboard with sisal or bristle as the material, with good throwing feeling, piercing automatic healing, basically no traces, and other characteristics. But the cost is high, belongs to the high-grade target, generally only 18 inches a specification.


steel tip dartboard species

Flocked dartboard

Paper as the main material, the front through the flocking process, the cost is higher than paper dartboard. Flocking is said to be invented in China, with a soft surface, no cracks, and no obvious puncture holes. It's a mid-range target. There are 12 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches variety of specifications, generally not as a formal game.

Bristle dartboard

The bristle is set more than 5 cm long growing on the neck and the back of a pig. It is the main raw material for industrial and quartermaster brushes. The quality dartboard made of bristle is very good, and it is the common dartboard used in an international darts competition. It has the characteristics of good throwing feeling, self-healing of the puncture, and basically no trace.

Sisal dartboard

The sisal dartboard plate is the most popular and best quality dartboard in modern times, as well as the designated plate for regular games. The dartboard is made of sisal fiber. The English superior hemp dartboards are made of sisal hemp from Africa (mainly Kenya). Most of the darts produced in China come from Hainan Island, so many people used to call the sisal dartboard plate Qiongma pan. Sisal dartboards are more complicated to make than another dartboard, using more than 10 tons of pressure to squeeze the fibers into shape, then the outer ring is secured with iron hoops. Therefore, the hardness of a good hemp darts plate is moderate, when the dartboard is pulled out from the plate, the dart hole will automatically close, making its service life much higher than other materials of dartboard plate.


These are the types of steel tip dartboard, although they are of good quality and feel good to throw. But for children, steel tips are very dangerous, and adults need to pay extra attention to the safety of children.

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