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We all know that dartboards are made of several materials. The first is a paper dartboard, the second is bristle dartboard, the third is hemp darts, and the fourth is plastic (also known as electronic darts). But about the dart plate of these several materials, not professionals may not understand their differences or materials, prices, and so on. That's all right. We'll help you.

1.what is a paper dartboard?

Paper dartboard is the one material we're going to focus on this time. In the past, we've introduced more electronic dartboards or Bristle Dartboards. So what is a paper dartboard like? It is made of paper as a material, wound in a loop, and held together with iron wire. There are a variety of specifications, the cost is relatively low, but in the dart, point puncture will leave an obvious puncture hole, generally not used as an official competition. But compared to other materials of darts, family entertainment and playing friends in their spare time, the darts is not too big a requirement, choose paper darts is also good, because its price is very affordable, it will save you a lot of money and bring the fun.



paper dartboard

2.What is a bristle dartboard?

The bristle dartboard is also paper as the main material, in the front of the flocking process, the cost is higher than the paper dartboard. The surface is soft, without cracks, and the puncture is not obvious. In China, it is a mid-range dartboard. There are 12 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, and other specifications, generally not used as official competition targets.


bristle dartboard

3.What is a Hemp Dartboard?

The third was a hemp dartboard. Sisal as the material in the international darts competition is commonly used in the dart type. It has the characteristics of good throwing feeling, automatic healing of puncture hole, and basically no trace. But the cost is relatively high, belongs to the high-grade darts generally only 18 inches a specification if you use as a training before the game, hemp darts is your best choice.


hemp dartboard


4.What is a plastic dartboard?

Plastic darts, also known as soft darts, are made of hard plastic. The target is designed with many small holes for use with a plastic dart tip. This kind of dart has high safety, but the throwing feeling is poor, the lacks reality and the dart is easy to bounce off. There are two kinds: simple type and electronic scoring type. The electronic scorecard is more expensive and currently has a lower penetration rate. Soft darts are generally slightly larger in size than hard darts.


Plastic darts



The final summary

To sum up, if the professional is not very strong, just as usual entertainment, relax the mood, you can choose the paper dartboard, after all, affordable and can relieve the pressure of a day's work who will refuse it? Don't worry if it is difficult to buy, paper dartboards in the major supermarkets, stationery stores, sporting goods stores can be seen everywhere. If you want to choose Chinese made dartboard can also contact us. Below we will also recommend some of the most popular dartboards for you.

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