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Table soccer is a kind of table soccer game, which first emerged in France, "table soccer" is translated from the French "Baby-Foot". Its origin is quite legendary. In the 1950s, a 20-year-old French lad, Ibert Gouty, was just an obscure and avid soccer fan. In order to recreate the scene on the green field and express his views more clearly, Guti invented this kind of villain-manipulated pitch and often played this inconspicuous "foosball" to argue with other fans who held different views.

The story of table football

At that time, the French Jurassic Workshop created the first "Café Club", and the operator negotiated with Guti to put his foosball table in the club, and table soccer started to enter the bar, and more people started to try to manipulate the foosball table with Guti, and a rivalry game was formed.

Gradually, Guti found that the game of manipulating eleven little men with his own hands was as interesting as a real fight on the green field. He secretly told himself that he would build a team of kings according to Guti's will, to win the supreme glory. In 1953, Guti became the first French table soccer champion. In the decades that followed, Guti's fame grew and table soccer quickly spread across the continent, with people getting used to playing it in bars and some willing to devote their lives to it to realize the dream of not being able to be a superstar on a real pitch. Today, at the age of 70, Guti is still the president of the Nice Table Football Club in France and the winner of the 2000 World Cup in the senior category.


Rules of foosball

The game involves kicking a ball into an opponent's goal using numbers mounted on a rotating stick. Foosball tables vary in size, but a typical table is about 120 cm (3.9 ft) long and 61 cm (2.00 ft) wide. The table usually contains eight rows of Foos men, which are plastic, metal, wooden, or sometimes carbon fiber numbers mounted on horizontal metal strips. Each team of one or two human players controls four rows of players, one each for goalkeeper, defender, midfield, and striker. The player controls the characters with joysticks and uses them to lift, pass, or "kick" a ball. Play begins when the ball is played through a hole in the table, or simply by placing a hand on the foot of a figure in the center of the table. A coin toss is usually used to determine which player or team will serve first. If it is not the first game, or the ball goes out of bounds or stops suddenly, then the team that scored last gets the serve after he scored. The term is dead when the ball leaves the table or stops out of reach of the male figure. Professional players are known to move the ball at speeds of up to 56 km/h (35 MPH) during the game.

The rules prohibit "shots over 360 degrees" or "spin": using the palm of your hand to quickly spin around the stick, rather than hitting the ball with your wrist. Since the formation of the International Table Football Federation (ITSF), the rules have been standardized in most international competitions. However, since January 2012, the annual World Championships and World Cup have allowed two full 360-degree rotations.

The winner is determined when a team scores a predetermined number of goals, usually five, ten, or eleven during the tournament. For Bonzini, the goal is seven goals and a player must win with at least two clear goals.

Table football is left and right-hand activity at the same time a sport, start to use the brain, moving the left and right hand is equivalent to the development of the left and right brain, so it can improve the intelligence of children.  What are you waiting for?  Let's get the kids playing foosball! 

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