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In previous articles, we learned that there are many types of darts to choose from.  In this episode, we're going to focus on what a bristle dartboard is.  

what is a bristle dartboard?

The bristle is set more than 5 cm long growing on the neck and the back of a pig. It is the main raw material for industrial and quartermaster brushes. The quality of dartboard made of bristle is very good, and it is the common dartboard used in an international darts competition. It has the characteristics of good throwing feeling, self-healing of the puncture, and basically no trace.


What is the difference between bristle dartboard and electronic dartboard?

electronic dartboard

20 years ago, very few people would have ever heard of an electronic dartboard (often spelled “dart board’), but they’ve grown in popularity in recent years in homes and bars alike - so much so that they are now the second most common board type after bristle.

Electronic dartboards are soft tip boards that automatically detect where the dart lands, record the score and display it on a screen or connected device such as a smartphone. They are powered with batteries or a power adaptor. The typical size of an electronic board is a 15.5-inch diameter, which is smaller than the standard 18 inches for a bristle dartboard. Like all soft tip boards, the target is typically made of plastic or resin and covered in tiny holes that the dart nestles into when it hits the board.

bristle dartboard

The bristle dartboard is better than the electronic dartboard, and the darts can be inserted into the dartboard without a trace. The size of the dartboard is also made according to the international standard of 18 inches. Suitable for professional competition or practice. But electronic dartboards are safer for children because they don't have a sharp steel tip.

How to choose a dartboard?

1.WIN.MAX high definition professional bristle dartboard

The WIN.MAX high definition professional bristles dartboard is made from high-quality, A-class bristles from African sisal. The material is mainly used for professional darts as the fibers are flexible and at the same time highly dimensionally resistant. When darts with a metal tip are pulled out of the disc, the individual fibers will return to their original position. Unlike a cork dartboard, the holes close by themselves and the board can be used long-term. The sisal fiber dartboard can therefore also be easily used as a steel dartboard, which means fewer bounces thanks to extra thin wire edges.


High Definition Classical Bristle Dartboard

2.WIN.MAX Professional Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

WIN. MAX professional bristles dartboard has a self-healing surface made from high-quality,densely-packed African sisal fiber, for max durability and increased longevity. With 100% staple-free bladed wires, which will make it easier for darts to stick on the board, reduce the bounce-outs that send them flying all over and ensure big scores. This bristle steel tip dartboard has a rotatable number ring that spreads the wear and prolongs the life of your dartboard while enhancing precision shots.


Professional Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard


3.18” Bristle Dartboard with MDF Cabinet

Deluxe solid wood dartboard cabinet is made from red pine with a custom cabinet case that can hang on any wall and has a strong box joint construction for durability with quality hinges to prevent doors from slamming and wear-and-tear.


18”Bristle Dartboard


4.WIN.MAX Soft tip dartboard and cabinet

The Win. MAX Soft Tip Dartboard comes with 259 game versions of 27 exciting games, suitable for players of all ages. Designed with 4 LED displays for electronic scoring and the ‘Type 888′ cricket scoring system, 12 soft cue darts for 4 types of flights, and an additional 52 cue spare quality approved adapters. Whether you’re just learning to play darts or looking for a way to manage multiplayer games, trust me, it’s a lot of fun.


Soft tip dartboard and cabinet




5.Professional electronic dartboard

Bright display – The display is easy to use and read at any distance, so you don’t need to worry about losing track of your score. Design a target surface with adjustable size of 15.5 “; The race mass thermal resin section provides an exceptionally durable race surface.

One of the most important factors to look at when selecting the best bristle dartboard is the wiring system. This is a factor that many darts manufacturers have tweaked over the years for a better quality board. The issue with the wiring system is twofold. Earlier boards came with very thick spiders, which are the metal that divide the numbers on the dartboard. These thick spiders became an impediment to the darts because they cause darts to bounce out and fall off when hit.


Professional electronic dart board

So as the years have progressed manufacturers have sought to diminish bounce-outs by reducing the size of the wires. Many methods are invoked to this end as such it’s a huge factor to take into account.

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