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If you want to buy your own match training dartboard, you might think, "What dartboard do professionals use?" As a professional, you don't want to be more frustrated with darts bouncing off, flying around, or having the board split open.

So, let's cut to the chase, here are some recommended dartboards that professionals can use in competition training. These are also the best home dartboards. Not only are they comfortable to play with, they also make great decorations to hang on the walls of your home when not in use.

1.Soft Tip Electronic Dart Boards with Cabinet

Winmax is the largest supplier of the target board and pool balls in China, their electronic dartboard with cabinet will be a good choice. It comes with 27 fantastic games and 259 gameplay options for players of all ages. Designed with 4 LED electronic scoring displays and a "Type 888" cricket scoring system, 12 soft darts, 4 types of darts, and an additional 52 spare quality approved adapters for tips. Whether you're practicing or playing with friends, you can find it fun.


electronic dartboard

2.Classical Bristle Dartboard

Of course, if you want to choose a Bristle Dartboard, you can check out winmax's Classical Bristle Dartboard.It uses a new generation of sisal darts technology to set standards. Top Grade A quality sisal, in the seamless field of competition to obtain higher scores. At the same time, it is light and compact and can be hung anywhere.


Bristle Dartboard

3.Electronic soft point darts

So, with a dartboard, how do you choose your favorite darts? The mass and weight of the dart have a great effect on the throwing. If you choose poor-quality darts, I am sure you will feel irritable during the throwing process. Not only does it affect your mood, but it can also ruin your dartboard, this is a loss. This electronic soft point darts is a new product of Winmax. Not only is the 18G professional soft darts designed to be accurate and stylish, it breaks with the traditional Krabble design and has 2-3 times the friction of ordinary darts. It can improve your game very well!


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4.Steel Tip Darts

The darts recommended above are for electronic boards, but this one is suitable for the bristle dartboard. The high-quality darts set is suitable for players of all skill levels, and the tungsten mimicking material ensures the highest level of balance and accuracy. It is also packaged in a black thin case for easy carrying and storage. They are extremely stable, can withstand natural wear and tear, and can throw darts even if they fall on concrete. Whether you're practicing or having fun, it makes you feel like you're in a rat race.


steel tip darts

5.EVA Dartboard Surround

Darts can damage your walls when you throw them. If it is a newly renovated house, it will make you feel distressed. This is where you need a retainer that protects both your dart and the wall. Black durable EVA Dartboard Surround, self-assembled, no tools or stationery kit required. Perfect for family or club use.

A good dartboard can make you feel like you are in the game and give you a different experience. Darts is a great sport and there are many great games you can play with your family and friends, so taking the time to buy a dartboard that combines quality, features, and price will be worth enjoying hours of fun with your friends and family. For professionals, a good dartboard or dart requires serious consideration.


dartboard wall protector 

What should professionals pay attention to when choosing dartboard?

Whether or not you choose one of these on this list, there are some things you want to look at when choosing a dartboard. Here are the most important points.

 • Plate material

You need a durable board.

The best dartboards these days are bristle dartboards. Bristle boards are made of compressed sisal fibers. Some of the cheaper boards may have been made of cork, but they wear out faster, resulting in more frequent bounces, even for well-thrown darts.

Insist on brushing the bristle board. The money you save with cork boards will disappear quickly because you'll have to keep replacing them as they wear out.

• durability

This is usually closely related to the board material. You want a dartboard that will last as long as possible without letting the darts fall out. Once you notice that it's hard to get darts into the dartboard, it's time to replace it.

• The thickness of the line

A wire is something that forms a metal ring in each part of the plate. With the wire, there was no guessing or arguing about where the dart landed. It has to be on one side or the other of the wire.

Generally, better boards have thinner wires. This reduces the chance of the dart hitting the wire and falling off the board. In addition, some dartboards have wires specially designed to deflect the dart to one side or the other, thereby reducing the momentum the dart loses and thus increasing the chance of the dart getting stuck on the dartboard.

• More and more choices

This may not seem important, but if you want a truly professional-level darts game experience, it can make a big difference. Some dartboards include special mounting systems to make it easier to level the board correctly.

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