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More and more people like to play soccer table, this game is very exercise, it can not only exercise a person's endurance and careful, but also exercise a person's reaction speed. Not just for adults, it's a great puzzle game for kids as well. That's why so many people like to play foosball table. If you want to get into table games, start with soccer tables.

What is a soccer table?

Table football is a popular European and American national fitness, sport, it concentrates the movement skills of football. Every player controls in the hands of the player, the fate of the team are tied to the controller, the controller can do excellent striker shooter, but also can do the best defender, goalkeeper; You only need both hands to control the club, brain, eye, hand cooperation, you can show wonderful catch the ball, stop the ball, pass, shoot and other offensive, defensive skills, immersive experience on the field of all-powerful passion scene.

Average Foosball Table Dimensions

Most standard, full-size foosball tables are about 2 1/2 feet wide by nearly 5 feet in length. A regulation-sized table is 29-30 inches wide, 54-56 inches in length, and 34-36 inches tall. Regulation means they are made for adults at tournaments, but tables come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, there are small tabletop models, desk versions, and even ones that are sized to be played on by children so you can definitely find one that will fit anywhere.


Type of foosball table

There are other foosball tables that are built to be folded, especially if you live in a small apartment, this will determine the size table to fit your small space. Here we have mentioned 4 different sizes of foosball tables with dimensions. You can read more about each type and example below in the article.

1.20in Children’s Mini Soccer Table

This small football table is small enough, so you can play the game anywhere in your home or take it out to play with your friends anytime. When not in use, the mini football table is easy to store, taking up only a fraction of the space. There are some wonderful choices for storage such as shelves and cabinets. A Table Top size Foosball Table is excellent for a child.


Mini Soccer Table

2.48” Foldable Foosball Table

Foldable football table Perfect size, not too big not too small. Easy to fold and put away. It’s light to carry so kids can carry it from their rooms to the living room. This classic soccer game with easy rules is popular at parties and offers endless fun for all ages.


Foldable football table

3. Foosball table and pool table 2 & 1 Versatile game table

This versatile game table 2 & 1 foosball and pool table can be quickly converted from foosball to pool table for you to have fun with. It saves you money on a soccer table and a pool table, and you save space. Get more friends involved in the game. This table quality is very good, suitable for adults and children to play family games.


family games table

4. Big size soccer table

WIN.MAX 48″ Large soccer table with an ergonomic design for non-slip handles that are easy to hold and use, minimizing discomfort and avoiding hand slipping. Foosball has pads on its four legs to protect the floor. The foosball game table is made from high-quality, environmentally friendly MDF fiberboard.


best table football

In the end, you just need to find the right foosball table and tick the boxes of quality and budget while fitting in whatever space you have available.

Hopefully, this guide will help.

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