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Soccer table is a popular national fitness sports in Europe and the United States. It concentrates the sports skills of football. Only need both hands to control the club, brain, eyes, hands with the cooperation, you can show a wonderful catch, pass, shooting, and other attacks. Defensive skills. It's great to play with family and friends at home or at parties. There are a wide variety of football tables on the market, but there are some inferior ones that will inevitably affect your experience. Through screening, we recommend six football tables that are most suitable for you in 2021.

Folding foosball table recommended:

#1 WIN.MAX Foldable Foosball Table ---Editor’s Choice

Type indoor, folding
Dimensions 121.5Lx61Wx81.2H(cm)
Texture Environment-friendly MDF and metal material
Weight G.W.: 20.5kgs; N.W.: 18.6kgs
Accessory 2 PCs Φ36mm soccer balls


This football table is based on the existing competitive football table, so that the product is easy to fold, and does not take up space when not in use. Suitable for placing in bars, clubs or homes in the space. Nonslip handle allows you to play without fear of mistakes caused by hand slips. High density 12/9mm thick MDF panels are used for long/short side panels. Fit with natural wood grain pattern, very stable and quality guaranteed. Therefore, you can rest assured to choose!


WIN.MAX Foldable Foosball Table



#2 WIN.MAX 4FT Wooden---Best for children

Type indoor
Dimensions  121Lx61x77.5H(cm)
Texture  Environment-friendly MDF and metal material
Weight  G.W.: 14kgs; N.W.: 12kgs
 Accessory  2*Φ31mm soccer balls

This football table is great for kids and adults, which can not only develop kids' coordination But also enhance friendship and promotes parent-kid relationships. With the detailed instructions and complete parts, the football table can be assembled in a short time.

WIN.MAX 4FT Wooden


#3 WIN.MAX Chinese Football Table---The budget choice

Type indoor
Dimensions 121Lx61Wx79H(cm)
Texture Environment-friendly MDF and metal material
Weight G.W.: 16kgs; N.W.: 14kgs
Accessory 2pcs soccer ball


WinMax this soccer table weighs just 14 kg. It boasts chrome-plated steel bars that are ideal for fast shooting, while the rubber grooved handle gives a strong grip for a fast-paced game. The table corner is specially designed with a cramp-resistant corner structure so that no children at home can accidentally bump into it. Relatively the price is also very cheap, you can enjoy with family and friends!

Chinese Football Table

#4 WIN.MAX Mini Football Table---Children's educational

Type indoor,mini
Dimensions 20.5 x 12.5 x 2.5 inches
Texture Environment-friendly  MDF and Light Hollow Iron Rods Which
Weight G.W.: 16.2kgs; N.W.: 14.4kgs
Accessory 2pcs 20mm soccer balls


This small football table is small enough, so you can play the game anywhere in your home or take it out to play with your friends anytime. When not in use, the mini football table is easy to store, taking up only a fraction of the space. There are some wonderful choices for storage such as shelves and cabinets.

Mini Football Table


#5 Doodle soccer table---multiplayer game

Typewudian  indoor
Dimensions 122Lx61Wx81.5H(cm)
Texture Leg/Leg End Panels all with color PVC laminate.
Weight G.W.: 16.2kgs; N.W.: 14.4kgs
Accessory 2pcs 20mm soccer balls


This wooden soccer table equipment is exclusive eye-catching graphics and quality construction with a sturdy box leg design, cross support beams that give the table added stability. 

Doodle soccer table

#6 Compact Soccer---Fashion choices

Type indoor,folding
Dimensions 47.64 x 24.02 x 31.89 inches
Texture High-quality MDF
Weight G.W.: 20.5kgs; N.W.: 14.9kgs
Accessory 2pcs balls;Assembling Instruction;Accessories for the table game


WIN.MAX Foldable football Table, 4' Foldable Compact Soccer/Soccer Game Table, simple to assemble. It is suitable for fun games at home with family and friends and has two colors for players to identify. Imagine what a great relief it would be to open up this china folding football table on a boring weekend.

Compact Soccer


Does foosball table weight matter?

The weight matters for a couple of reasons. First, a heavier table is more stable, which is important for a game like this. The rods move in and out as you play and it’s really easy to bump into the table during a game. A heavy, stable table is much less likely to move back and forth or wobble which makes it more fun to play the game.

If you choose a heavy table, make sure you have help when it comes time for assembly. You’ll most likely need help to get it up and down stairs and during assembly.


Patents for similar board games date back to the 1890s in Europe. However, the origins of foosball can be traced back to 1921, when Harold Searles Thornton from the United Kingdom patented the game as "an apparatus for playing foosball".

Because of the popularity of association football in Europe, Thornton invented a game of football that people could play at home. The game was imported from Germany in the United States under the name Foosball, called "Tischfu SSball" (literally "table"). Its design was inspired by a box of matches.

The Belgian magazine Le Soir Illustre claimed in 1979 that French inventor Lucien Rosengart (1881-1976) invented the foosball game in the 1930s when he was looking for something to keep his grandchildren entertained during the cold winter months. He called the game "baby feet" instead of foosball.

Alejandro Finisterre patented his foosball invention, Futbolin, in Madrid in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. His version of the game is a modern foosball game.

In the 1950s, Lawrence Patterson finally brought the game to the United States, where it reached its peak of popularity in the 1970s, when it could be found in bars and pool halls across the country.

In 2002, the International Foosball Federation (ITSF) was established in France with the mission of promoting the sport. The ITSF, as the sport's organising body, manages international competitions and establishes competitions together with the IOC and the general associations of international sports federations.


-Choking Hazard -- This Product contains small balls and/or small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

-Caution! Adult assembly required.

-Sharp point on screws; unpack and assemble with care. Keep small parts and polybag away from children during & after assembly.


Please Keep Your Instructions. Before attempting assembly, please read through this instruction book to familiarize yourself with all the parts and assembly steps. We recommend that two adults assemble this game. Please refer to the Parts List and be sure that all parts have been included.

Post time: Jul-13-2021