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Darts has now become a popular game all over the world, and there are even darts events in international tournaments. Many beginners in order to get a dart, often do not understand the knowledge of darts, resulting in damage or damage to the wall of the frustrating thing. Maybe you should consider buying an electronic dartboard first since it doesn't have a sharp steel point, which is safer for beginners or children. So how does a soft tip dart hit the bull 's-eye? WIN.MAX Darts supplier will show you how.

Buy the right darts

There are many kinds of darts, there are suitable for steel tip darts using bristles dartboard and sisal dartboard, they are mostly 18 inches, in the official game will basically use this material of dartboard, they have a good sense of throwing, piercing automatic healing characteristics. But it's not very friendly for beginners, and you don't want your walls to be damaged by steel-tipped darts or hurt the people next to you.

Electronic dartboards are the best. There are regular electronic dartboards and electronic dartboards with cabinets, which can close the door when you're not playing, not only for dust but also as a nice decoration. Their darts are soft tip darts with no steel tip, making them very safe even for children to play with.

Throwing a dart

Shoulder: You must keep your shoulder still, that is, during the throw, only your arm is moving and the rest of your body should remain in a certain position.

Elbow: in the early stage of the throwing action, that is, when the arm is thrown back, the elbow should be basically kept motionless. At a certain point in the acceleration process of throwing darts in front of the arm, the elbow will naturally rise. You may have heard the advice, 'Don't move your elbow when throwing darts,' which is actually a misstatement. If you keep the elbow still, you will have to release the dart prematurely, which means that the dart is too short along the parabola. This is like the difference in accuracy between a pistol and a rifle: the rifle's longer barrel improves its aim. So, the longer the dart's path, the more accurate it is, and in order for the dart to follow the path we need, we have to lift our elbows late in the throwing motion. It is also important to note that the hand should continue to follow the original path after releasing the dart. This makes the release process easy. We do not need to find a very precise release point.

Wrist: Wrist movements are often the subject of debate, and you may not find them necessary. In fact, many professional athletes use the wrist swing to increase their speed. It is easy to think of the whip action by the three-link mechanism. If you use wrist power, one end of the whip will go faster, so the rest of the whip can use less force and improve accuracy. But the swing is also prone to errors: because there's one more thing to control, there's one more source of error. While many experts and pros use the wrist swing, I don't recommend it for beginners. Throwing process

Aim: to align your eyes, darts, and target points. You have to aim for the target, not darts or club pros. Many throwers naturally aim, but some novices don't from the start. Always aim, this is the first step to ensure a successful throw.

18″ soft tip dartboard

Move back: Do this step, but don't move too fast. Many beginners are afraid of losing sight if they move back, but getting good control is a matter of practice. Very few successful people skip this step, so for 99 percent of us, this step has to be learned. How far back depends on the individual, but generally the farther the better. A common mistake is not to move back enough to achieve sufficient acceleration and accuracy due to difficult control. Make up for your mistakes with practice.

Speed up the process: This process is not as difficult as you might think. Don't go too fast, don't push too hard, try to move naturally and smoothly, in a parabolic direction. Remember to lift your elbows properly. If you swing your wrist, follow the original curve until the dart is released.

Release: As mentioned above, as long as you throw correctly, this step is just a natural extension of the previous steps and shouldn't be a big problem. If you don't have a good grasp of the release point, it's probably because of one of the aforementioned technical errors (not moving the elbow, or not following the following steps).

Follow-through: This is an important point. After throwing the dart, the hand should continue in the direction of the original target. The typical mistake is to drop the arm immediately after releasing the dart. Aim at

Here we get to our real goal. One thing to remember is to keep the dart in a parabolic trajectory. In the language of geometry, at every point on the parabola, you want your darts to follow the tangent of the parabola. You don't have to videotape your throw and draw a perfect curve on the monitor to help you get a good score. You don't have to go to all that trouble, it's a completely natural, nature, and you can naturally improve with practice. Our ancestors who used stones to kill wild animals and drink their blood gave us this precious inheritance. Please note: the dart should be slightly lifted when aiming at the target; The Angle of lifting should increase when moving backward and decrease when moving forward. The dart is almost horizontal when it comes out of hand, but it still has a very small upward Angle. At any time, a dart pointing down is absolutely wrong.

PU dartboard surrounds

Shake: Almost every beginner will have a considerable shake, professional and expert darts have almost no shake. The reasons for jitter may be as follows:

The dart does not follow a parabolic trajectory during acceleration.

The wings or rods of darts do not conform to aerodynamic principles. To solve this problem, a standard dart wing, the medium-length rod is used.

Your arm shook when you threw the dart.

Most likely: Your dart arrow goes down during the throw.

Less likely: the dart arrow points up too much.


That's how you get your soft tip darts to hit the bull 's-eye, and you might find it complicated. Don't worry. Believe me, you'll come into your own with a lot of practice. Hope our method can help you, if you need to know about Chinese electronic darts manufacturers, you can also contact us. No, they have recently designed a new electronic dart, which I find very surprising. See the recommendations below.

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Post time: Mar-23-2022