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Foosball, often called foosball or table soccer, is a popular board game played in bars and in homes. The game is very simple, but there are some simple rules you should keep in mind before entering a new game. Take a few minutes to review the game or refresh your memory so you can impress friends and acquaintances during your next match!

Here is a list of some of the more common football rules needed to protect the integrity of the game on the professional football circuit. These are professional Tour foosball rules used in ITSF or USTSF sanctioned events. We're pretty sure they'll be very useful at home, school or the office. Come on! Let's see how to shoot on table soccer.

1. Know the composition of the table.

Note that the table looks like a mini soccer field, with 8 rods going across the field. These are labeled based on the number of mini “players” on each rod. Each team has 2 offensive rods, known as a 5-rod and a 3-rod, along with 2 defensive rods, known as the 2-rod and goalie-rod. Along the sides of the table, you can find a serving hole where the ball goes to start the game.

Once the ball enters the goal, it rolls into the table’s cabinet. There are slots or openings along the sides of the table where you can find and reuse the scored balls.

2. 5 goals ahead of your opponent

As the game name suggests, table football is very similar to a real game of football, or soccer. You use both hands to maneuver the rods and control your “players,” which kick and pass the ball along with the table. Like in a real game of football, your goal is to kick the ball past the goalie and score a point for your team. Once you score 5 goals, you’ve won the game!

You can set your own custom game terms, too. If you’re playing a quick match, the first person to 1-2 goals can be the winner.

3. Play solo or in groups

You control all 4 rods if you play by yourself, or you can divide your team’s rods up among other players. In this format, 1 player will control the offensive 3-rod and 5-rod, while the other player will control the defensive 2-rod and goalie-rod. You can also divide up the rods between 3 or 4 people, depending on how you want to play.

When you play with multiple people, you can only control your assigned rod, as no switching is allowed during the game.

4. Serve, start your game

Block off the serving hole with your left hand, then slide the ball into the hole. Lift your left hand away from the covering and move it to the handle of the 5-rod offensive pole. At this point, spin the hand holding the ball so the ball lands on your side of the table.

You can flip a coin to decide who gets to serve first.

5. Hit the ball within 10 seconds of the start of the match

Keep a mental clock going in your head as you play the game. Countdown from 10 as soon as 5-rod receives the ball. If your 3-rod, 2-rod, or goalie rod gets the ball, you have 15 seconds to make a play.

If you don’t play the ball within 10 seconds, the play is reset and your opponent gets to serve.

6. Reset your "dead ball"

Grab the ball if it flies off the table. Place the ball near the server’s 2-rod so they can restart the game again. If the ball rolls into a dead zone near the goalie, move it to the nearest corner. If the ball becomes dead on another part of the table, you can place the ball in front of the original server for the round.

The ball goes to the opponent of whoever kicked the ball off the table or forced it into a dead zone.

If the ball is spinning, it isn’t dead.

7. Switch places when you win the race

Play through your first match of foosball until 1 team scores 5 points. At this point, switch sides so that you’re using the bars and players on the opposite side of the table. You have 60 seconds to make the switch, or else you’ll be penalized for slowing the game down.

You can penalize someone by letting the other team serve first, or by choosing another similar punishment.

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