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If you have a plan or get a foosball, the first question in your mind will be how do you set up a foosball? This is the first challenge because you have to assemble many parts. However, the manufacturer provides instructions. But it can be imprecise and difficult to execute.

No one likes to spend hours putting together a foosball table. Foosball setup and assembly should be simple and quick. Unlike most other tabletop football, which takes 3 hours and various tools to create, WIN.MAX tabletop Football Settings and tabletop Football assembly instructions require very few tools and can be assembled in 25 minutes. This is usually the safest and easiest foosball to assemble. Keep the opposite tool in the garage!

WIN.MAX foosball is so simple that young people can put them together. In fact, children also find it very interesting and an excellent learning experience. Your kids will celebrate making their new foosball table and then tell their friends what they accomplished. Once you have this desk in the office, don't make your boss skills easy, and maybe you'll get that bonus you've been waiting for. To make it easier to form your foosball assembly instructions, we have provided instructions to help you with each of your needs.

Parts list

This stylish soccer table includes:

① table

② 3-Man rods

③ 2-Man Rod

④ 5-Man Rod

⑤ Soccer Balls

Soccer table

assembly manual:

1. Fine a clean,lecel place to begin the assembly of your foosball table. We recommend that two adults work together to assemble this foosball table.

2. Remove all the parts from the box and verify that you have all of the listed as shown on the parts list page. Carefully cut or tear the four that come on the box so that the bottom of the box can be used as your work surface.

See the installation steps below:

Football table installation steps

Soccer table installation steps

Set up the soccer table

So a foosball table is assembled!

How to clean foosball easily?

① Get some cotton paper and two clean rags to wipe the alcohol

② Clean the table until all loose crumbs and dust are gone

③ Then rub some rubbing alcohol on the fabric and clean the table from top to bottom

④ Check for rubbing alcohol that is 70 to 90 percent alcohol, as it never damages the table and goes away quickly.

⑤ If there are black stains, some coating must be applied to them.

⑥ Finally, use a second cloth and some silicone on each rod. Your desk looks sticky because it's a sign that you're taking care of it.


What is the best foosball configuration?

Foosball configuration depends on your preference. For example, if you want to control the ball rather than speed, you should choose solo goalkeeper foosball. Also, if you like to play more of a challenge and want to score, you should choose the double goalkeeper's foosball table. In addition, you will find many of the best foosball tables on the market, such as WIN.MAX foosball tables, which are of good quality and affordable.

Now, do you know how to set up foosball? However, you need to be careful when you set the table, as the parts are made of plastic or wood, so they break easily. It may cause you all the fun. In addition, taking on the challenge is the key to enjoying a foosball game. Come on! If you want to see how other table games are assembled, you can contact us.

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