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Believe you have a soccer table at home or play outside, but do you know what happens when you play at a soccer table for a while? First of all, your football table may be dusty, and your bearings may need to be replaced, which may be difficult to push or spin in situations where you play a lot.

What is a football table bearing?

The players are plastic molded figures mounted on rods that pass through round holes in a foosball cabinet. The connection is called bearings, which determine the relative position and free rotation of two parts (usually a shaft and a bearing seat) and transfer loads between them. At high speeds, this use can be extended to include free rotation with almost no wear in the bearing.

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How to clean or lubricate football rod bearings?

Do not remove the metal rod

One method is to clean the bearing without removing the connecting rod. The rod and the bearing have a tight fit in the hole on the side of the football table. You need to get a cloth and figure out how to clean it to that spot, which can be difficult.

Use lubricant

1. Move the sticks until one of the handles is pressed tightly against the outside of the football table.

2. Use a soft cloth to apply a cleaner, such as alcohol, to the rod at the end of the squeeze handle.

3. Make sure the rod is thoroughly cleaned.

4. Apply lubricant to the same end of the rod.

5. When the lubricating end is pushed through the bearing contact area, the rod is quickly rotated.

6. Repeat this a few times.

Lubrication reduces friction in the rod/bearing contact area, increases the speed of the rod as it rotates and turns, and prevents the rod from rusting.

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Remove excess lubricant

1. Place a suitable, cleaning paper near the rod/bearing interface.

2. Make sure one of the points of the paper is gently inserted into the area where the rod and bearing slide against each other.

3. Rotate the lever slowly several times in both directions.

4. Slowly move the rod horizontally so that the paper moves further into the rod/bearing interface area.

5. Now move the lever in the opposite area, guiding and releasing the paper.

6. The paper will be filled with grease and dirt on the bearings.

It should be noted that this should be very careful not to let the paper stick to the rod or bearing. This can cause congestion and damage your rod as it rotates.

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The second method is to remove the bearing

Most high-quality football table bearings are very easy to disassemble, you can see the following steps:

1. Loosen screws connecting handle and lever.

2. Just slide the handle off the end of the lever.

3. Pull the rod through until it lands on the inside floor of the foosball table.

4. Use a 7/8 "wrench to loosen the bearing/brush sleeve from its fitting.

5. Bearings may be broken out of position.

The bearing is removed from its mounting and can begin work and the cleaning process. Use lubricant again.

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If you buy new bearings, be sure to replace them with the same brand and size if possible. This will ensure the longevity of the game. This will make your football table more exciting moments.

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