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Darts is a fun game, but unfortunately, it is not a sport for children, especially for very young children. The point of the dart could hurt them. But you can help kids have fun with this safe do-it-yourself version of the paper dartboard.

You might think it's hard, but all you need is some materials and about half an hour to make this homemade paper dartboard that's fun for kids.

 How to make a dartboard?

Here's what you need:

▲Felt in red, pink, blue, orange, purple (use an 18×18-inch piece for the base & 9 x 12-inch sheets for other colors)

▲Standard scissors (sewing size is helpful too!)

▲1 large piece of cardboard



▲Paper straws

▲Styrofoam balls (same amount as straws)

▲Adhesive Velcro dots (5 per arrow)

▲Sparkly tape

▲Tacky glue



Dartboard theme

These materials can be found in large supermarkets or online. Time with family is a holiday filled with love, and this "Hit the Heart" game is the target for both boys and girls. It has all the fun of darts without the danger, and your child will be distracted while playing and won't even notice that they're practicing their addition skills.

Step 1: Make your dartboard

1. Fold your base color piece of felt in half and cut out a large heart on the fold.

2. Repeat step one with the rest of your felt colors, using the previous heart as a guideline to cut the next heart slightly smaller. Make sure to leave approximately an inch between colors so there’s plenty of space for the arrows to land!

Step 2: Add the number

1.Use a marker to outline numbers 1 through 4 on extra felt from the center heart (in our case orange). Use leftover felt from the second smallest heart to create a 5 for the center heart. Smaller sewing scissors work best for cutting out the numbers.

2.Apply tacky glue to the edge of each heart and attach them in consecutive layers.

3.Use tacky glue to attach the numbers on the top-left edge of each heart layer in ascending order with 1 on the outer heart and 5 in the center.


Step 3: Make a backplane

1.Trace your heart onto a piece of cardboard with a pencil and cut it out with scissors. Secure the felt to the cardboard with tacky glue.

2.Cut a few feet of rope and attach it to the back of the cardboard with tape.

Your dartboard is complete,Now we're going to make the arrows:

1.Cover one end of each straw with a 2-inch piece of tape folded in half over the top.

2.Trim the tape into an angled “V” shape and cut small slits on each side to create a feather.

3.Trim each straw to about a 5-inches long. To make your arrow tip, insert the straw into the center of a Styrofoam ball and secure it with tacky glue.

4.Finally, stick five scratchy (not soft) halves of circular Velcro around the Styrofoam ball to help increase the likelihood of little hands making their target.

Let's see if it's very easy. If you like the "Hit the Heart" dartboard, get moving. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Jul-20-2021