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It is important to have a leveled foosball table to play the game and have a good experience. The table is the main surface on which we play the game, and anything affecting the table will directly affect the whole game. Without a suitable table, we couldn’t have a good game. That’s why importance is given to the leveling of the table.

Compared to a more expensive foosball table, you may not have the trouble of tilting or uneven tables. But generally, the tables played by teenagers are not too expensive, even if the quality is better, they will also be inclined under the toss of the children. If you don't adjust it in time, you may always feel that something is wrong when you play the game.

Focusing on this problem, let’s use a questioning way to answer step by step how to adjust your uneven table.

How long does it take to adjust?

Leveling your table will be well worth the time and effort it takes and you shouldn't have to do it more than once a month under normal play. If you play for multiple hours every day, you may need to level it every couple of weeks to ensure a flat and level playing surface.

Tools Required to Level the Foosball Table:

1. Torpedo level

2. A two-foot carpenter's level (optional)

3. Spacers - wood blocks or shims, plastic blocks, or cardboard (optional, depending on if your foosball table has adjustable spinning legs)

Criteria for judging if your table is tilted

Ensure that your football table is on a solid and stable surface. If the table has adjustable legs, make certain that the legs are tightly screwed in to make sure that each leg is even and none is higher or lower. Take the two-foot carpenter's level and place it on the side rails of your table. If the table is not level, the bubble within the vial will travel toward the end that is higher.

Adjust prep work at your Gaming table

Before you begin to adjust the table, take the torpedo level and double-check the actual top playing surface horizontally and vertically. Once you know where the bubble within the vial is traveling towards, the goal is to raise this site(s) in order to center the bubble between the black lines. Remember, to raise the opposite side(s) from where the bubble is traveling toward.

How to Level the Foosball Table

To adjust and make it level, get another person to lift as you can either unscrew your legs (counterclockwise) or place your spacers under the appropriate legs that need to be raised. Repeat this process on the other legs until the bubble is centered no matter what direction you place the level.

Then ask another person to lift the table so you can unscrew the legs or insert spacers beneath the leg that needs adjusting. Do the same for the remaining table legs to ensure the bubble is brought to the center irrespective of the direction the level is placed.

Adjustable Spinning Foosball Leg Levelers

Some people choose to add these adjustable spinning leg levelers to the legs on their table as an aftermarket modification. This can be risky if you don't know what you are doing and could result in harming one of your legs or drilling a hole too large. If you can get them installed correctly, it could pay off with a nice feature that you just simply spin to adjust on any uneven flooring surface vs. Using the shim approach.

Instead of buying new tables frequently, it's better to spend some time maintaining the tables, unless you don't care about the money for the new tables.

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