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If you are a darts fan, you must know the importance of the dartboard Cabinet. The dartboard Cabinet protects your dartboard, as well as storing your darts. Keeping the door closed when you're not playing can prevent dust from staining your dartboard and even serve as a display. So how do you find a Chinese dartboard Cabinet? The following will explain the Chinese darts manufacturers for you.

WIN.MAX is a professional manufacturer of darts and dartboards in China. They have a wide range of products and can meet your requirements for quality and price.

Product recommendations

Bristle dartboard cabinet

If you like wood finishes and want to choose a bristle dartboard, then WIN.MAX Bristle dartboard with cabinet is perfect for you. It comes in three designs: old man, sailboat, and bird. Built-in 18-inch bristle dartboard, scoreboard, dart socket, 6 steel tip darts, chalk, and pendant tools. Perfect dartboard setup.

bristle dartboard with cabinet

Electronic dartboard cabinet

If you want to choose an electronic dartboard, here are two or three styles you can recommend. The first is the Classic Soft tip dartboard, which has 27 exciting games, 259 versions of the game, for players of all ages. Designed with 4 LED displays for electronic scoring and "Type 888" cricket scoring systems, 12 soft rod darts for 4 types of flight, and an additional 52 rod for standby quality recognition adapters. Whether you're learning to play darts or looking for a way to manage multiplayer, trust me, it's a lot of fun.

Classic Soft tip dartboard

The second is the Irregular electronic dartboard, unique design for 1-8 players, dartboard with LCD display, 32 games and over 500 variations, 6 soft darts. It has 32 video darts games.

Irregular electronic dartboard

The third is the butterfly-shaped electronic dartboard, which provides the best scoring experience, with a super-bright triple score display, 27 games with 216 variations, 12 sleek designed soft tip darts, and a throwing line tape measure to make sure your game is at the right distance.

professional electronic dart board

Buying dartboard needs attention

I see this all the time, and they usually start with a little trivia about the game until one day they play their first game. The result, of course, can be very bad, the dart can be damaged, or the dartboard can split, etc. Here are a few things to consider.

The quality of

The first thing you need to think carefully about is the manufacture of your dartboard.

What are the materials, techniques, and accessories? These manufacturing factors should influence your decision, as each will determine to some extent the life of your investment. There are some dartboards that look good, but over time, it turns out to be very poor quality.

Style and Design

Often, people underestimate the value of style and other design-oriented factors. Remember, cabinets will become fixtures in your home.

Whether you install a cabinet in your living room, basement, or dedicated game room, it will spend a lot of time hanging there to attract attention. On the other hand, choosing items that randomly clash with the existing style of a given room can ruin the atmosphere and make you feel like something isn't right.

The price

Of course, price is an important factor for many of us. While in the end, it will come down to what you can afford, it's worth saving up and paying more for a higher-quality product.

Quality dartboard Cabinets can be easily used for 10-20 years or more. It's worth paying a little extra to get the make and model you want. It will be in your home for many years.


When the darts industry has so many options to choose from, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. This list contains the dartboard cabinets you are looking for, just choose the design that best suits your playroom and give it a try.

I hope this list of looking for a Chinese dartboard cabinet helps you make your decision. Let us know which dartboard you prefer. Of course, you can also contact WIN.MAX to manufacture or wholesale darts.

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