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The air hockey table is the perfect addition to the games room and the home. An air hockey table will normally last for many years. Whether you keep it at home or in your games room, if you don't keep the table clean properly, it will shorten its lifespan and the puck will encounter resistance caused by dust and dirt and eventually crash, snap or even fly off the table.
It is therefore important to keep your air hockey table clean.
How do you properly clean and maintain your air hockey table?

Step 1: Turn on the air pump/fan
Turn on the air pump/fan. This will prevent any additional dirt, dust or debris from getting into the holes and blocking the air flow while you clean.

Step 2: Use your hoover to pick up any dirt or dust that may be present on the playing surface.

Without touching, hover the hoover as close to the surface as possible. Vacuum up as much dirt and dust as possible. This is done to remove dust and cobwebs from the table. Just remember to place the vacuum hose slightly above the surface of the table so that the vacuum nozzle does not cause damage to the table.
For the same reason, use a very light touch when vacuuming. Make sure you cover the entire table top area and spend some extra time vacuuming over the air holes to remove dust particles.

Step 3: Scrubbing the air hockey table
With the fan still on, wipe the surface of the table with a clean soft cotton or microfibre cloth. At this stage of cleaning you can choose to simply use a slightly damp cloth or use a cleaning agent.

If you decide to use a cleaner, please ensure that it is an alcohol-based cleaner such as isopropyl alcohol or detergent that

rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) for cleaning the laminate surface , and in addition to the surface of the laminate, remember to clean the outside of the table as well, including the legs.

Step 3: Clean the air holes.
When cleaning the air holes with a vacuum cleaner is not enough to remove all the dirt and dust from the air holes, you will need to treat them specifically. You will need a toothpick, a drill, a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab.
Insert the cotton swab/drill/pipe cleaner/toothpick into each hole. Slowly and carefully lift the dirt up. Make sure the air pump remains on while working so that the dirt may be blown out when you remove it from the hole.

 Step 4: Polishing the air hockey table.

This step is not essential, but it helps to restore and maintain the smoothness of your air hockey table, reducing the friction between the ball and the table, which not only optimises playability but also extends the life of the table. You can use a table polish specifically designed for air hockey tables and apply a light coat to the table top.

How often do you clean your air hockey table?

The recommendation is that the surface is cleaned before and after each use, as well as once a week for regular cleaning. Because if you don't clean it for a long time until dirt and dust have accumulated quite a bit, then this will affect your playing experience and you will also find that your cleaning process takes much longer than usual and is more difficult to clean. So to avoid this problem, you should clean your gaming surface before and immediately after each use, with a weekly cleaning routine

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Post time: Aug-20-2022