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Table football has become so popular because it is easy to get and cheap. While we are having fun with the game table, it is also necessary to clean up your football table

How do you clean the football table?

It's important to keep board football clean and maintained, and it can interfere with your fast-paced game. You are advised to clean the desktop once a week when it is used frequently and at least once a month when it is used lightly to moderately. In addition, we recommend having side tables for players to hold their drinks to reduce spills and help keep the table clean. Many tables have coasters in the corners, but that doesn't prevent cans or glasses from tipping over. Foosball can be easily moved in the game or the ball can fly over the top and spill your drink. game table

 Cleaning techniques

Use a can of compressed air. It could be called the best technique for cleaning up foosball tables. You can also use a can of compressed air blower.

Use a dry cloth.

Use rubbing alcohol.

Use a foosball silicone stick.

First, take a dry rag and wipe down every part of your machine, including the lever handle and the person. Wipe the legs and bottoms of the table if you can. Second, take a clean cloth again and rub some rubbing alcohol on it. This alcohol will clean and disinfect your table from top to bottom, and finally, use a foosball silicone stick, which will apply a smooth (non-slippery) finish stick leading to a smooth and good work game. in 1 table games


Do not use WD-40 on your missile rods! This will make your bars move faster in a short time, but will dry out your bumpers and bearings and make your watch wear out faster.

Maintain your foosball table

Before maintaining your football table, check your rods and make regular repairs. They may need to be fixed and rearranged, especially if you often use your tables roughly. If players don't line up correctly, they will lead to a poor game, poor passing and, more often than not, they will split and break up the game. So, take care of these men and they will give you the best quality game you want. When you move a foosball table, don't drag it or lift it slowly. The most important thing is to keep food and drink as far away from the table as possible so you don't have as many pieces to clean up. Last but not least, remove dust and stains when you finish the game. If you can keep this habit, your best friend, foosball, will accompany you to spend a more pleasant and good time. Many professional table football players replace their desks from time to time and sell the old ones for a good price because they take good care of them. Actually, you can do this when you buy a new table, but you have to take care of the table when you sell it.

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