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Air hockey is the fastest of all board games, and it's more fun than foosball. The point is that this is a game for all ages. It not only brings you fun but also exercises your body and reflexes. If you don't already have an air hockey table at home, consider buying one. If not, check out our tips. WIN.MAX is an air hockey table manufacturer that can help you.

Air hockey tables, like soccer tables, need to consider the space in your home, the type of construction, and even the price before you buy. A good-quality air hockey table will make it easy for you to play. And the bad table, oops! I can't even imagine what that must be like.

What is an air hockey table?

An air hockey table has air flowing through holes in the top of the table, and an electric pump creates a cushion of air on which the puck floats. It's like the puck floating on the ice during hockey.

Type of air hockey table

Air hockey tables usually come in two types. One is the large air hockey table, which is usually full-size. Perfect for your living room or playroom, where you have a lot of space. It allows you and your friends to play together at parties. The other is the smaller mini air hockey table, which fits in your corner, or even on a restaurant table, and is great for playing with kids and increasing parent-child interaction. Children can easily move it from one room to another.

mini air hockey table

How do I choose an air hockey table?

The first thing you need to know is your budget, which is the price. It goes without saying that, in general, the smaller the table, the lower the price. So how do choose the right price, good quality game table?

Size is the most important consideration when choosing a board hockey game. Before you buy an air hockey table, measure the size of your game room or living room to make sure you have room for your air hockey table. These game tables range from 2 feet small to 8 feet long. The size you choose depends on many factors, including how much space you have, the level of expertise you want, and how easy it is to move or store.

Two-foot-long air hockey tables are compact and usually only available in tabletop models. This option is ideal for younger children or teenagers because they are smaller. They can also be easily stored or moved around. The 4 - to 6-foot air hockey game is full-sized and can be placed in your home's game room, living room, or garage. The tables are suitable for players of all ages, and they can usually be played for a long time. If you need some professional practice, consider a 7 - or 8-foot air hockey table. This size table is usually the most expensive, but it's also perfect for games and pre-game practice.

Whatever size and style you want, WIN.MAX sells air hockey games all over the world, and we have flagship stores in Germany and the United States. If you need something to play indoors, you can choose from our football table, dartboard, electronic darts, dart accessories, or versatile game table. We will provide a range of games and sporting goods for your room.

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