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Football table and billiard table have been very common in our life, it has become a very popular leisure sports or professional games.  When it rains, it is not convenient to go out, so we can play at home with family and friends.  So, have you ever thought about building a soccer pool table with your friends?  This can greatly improve our hands-on ability, as well as enhance our relationship with friends.  

How to build a soccer pool table?


The desktop uses two 2 cm thick splints, below one almost no problem, above this must level off, high quality.  The frame is also used two layers, 2 cm thick 4 inches wide ordinary wood below, with better quality, some hardwood.  But the price is more expensive, searched the material, China will be cheaper.  Of course, if you want to higher billiards cloth, in the United States, China needs hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, our amateur level can not use so high.


A table saw

Splitting saw

Band saw

Curve saw

Cutting saw

wood glue

5 to 10 wooden clips




Track sander



Hand saw

Milling planer

Nail guns and nails


draw your own ideas on a piece of paper in proportion, and you can modify them if you find any problems in the process.  All designs must be based on floor dimensions: L x W x thick: 8 feet x4 feet x6/8 inches.


1) Base frame size: 84x34=213x86 inch = cm

2) Rubber edge inner frame: 88x40=224x102

3) Hole center: 89x41=224x104

4) Inner diameter of the upper frame: 91x43=232x110

5) Bottom plate (desktop) : 96x48=244x122

6) Outer diameter of upper frame: 100x52=254x132

7) Upper frame pad: 100x52=254x132

8) Rubber edge height 1-1/2 inch (40mm) width 1-3/4 inch

9) Middle bag mouth width 5 inches bottom bag mouth width 4 inches

10) The diameter of the hole shall be calculated according to the 4-inch plastic pipe and the hole diameter shall be 4-3/8

11) The size of the adhesive edge will be measured before the final completion. It is estimated that 4 pieces of material are 41 inches and 2 pieces are 37-1/2 inches.

12) Star size (the fastening bolt head exposed on the upper frame is used as a star): the distance between the long side and the short side is 11-1/8 and 10-1/8 respectively

From the inner diameter of the upper frame 1-1/4 inch, 93X45=237x115

Outer diameter of frame: 100 "x52", inner diameter of rubber edge: inner pool of table: 88 'x40', height of table: 33 ". All dimensions are smaller than regular tables except height but do not affect the practice and entertainment of amateur players.

Wooden Foosball Table

desk frame

1) first do a simple workbench, considering that there is no cutting "wooden side" with a special end saw, must be replaced by a hand saw, on the workbench to do a jigs module of the end saw, so that the end saw into a right Angle, as long as the processing of all aspects of the right Angle, the assembly can be less error.  

2) lift feet with 4 "x4" x33 "wooden square.  I decided that my hand saw could not cut through 4x4 squares of wood, and instead used two square saws of 2x4 inches, putting them together with very little error.  

3) then select two 6x2x10 feet wood squares at Home Depot and saw them into two pieces each of 80 inches and 34 inches.  As a 4 coaming frame.  

4) will lift two roots painted yellow wood glue together, after aligned with fixture clamping, reoccupy 3-inch wood screw, using electric screwdriver together, that will link the two pieces of the wood square, the above must be (drilling, drilling cost must be greater than the screws, so as to connect the two closer together, and reduce the assembly error, fastening also more relaxed,  If the screw feels short, you can use a bit larger than the screw head to deepen the drill hole, let the screw buried in.  

5) First place the long side on the wooden side of the foot lift, glue and align, use another long side on the side of the foot lift to correct and clamp, and finally tighten the screws.  

6) For the other long side, calibrate each other and tighten.

7) Let the glue dry and set, then connect the short edge.

8) After the bench is installed, there is about half an inch error in the diagonal measured with a tape measure.  The error is tolerable  

9) Let the glue dry and set, then connect the short edge

Deluxe Foosball Table

The frame made

1) Because the upper frame is relatively large, the first piece (the bottom plate of the lower point) is lifted to the platform, which is better used as a tool platform.

2) The top frame size is more than 8 feet (96 inches). I chose 3 4x6/8x10 feet boards, two for the long side and one for the short side. I saw 2 pieces for the 100 "long side and 2 pieces for the 53" short side.

3) Considering the fastening problem of the glue edge in the future, the screw holes for fastening the glue edge in the future are pre-made, with 6 long edges and 3 short edges. As it is 4 inches wide, slots must be left for the screw heads to pass through. The screw head groove can be machined with a chainsaw or a large drill.

4) Lay the floor wood strips on the 4-inch wood that has been cut and reserved with prefabricated screw slots, apply glue, clamp, and ensure mutual anastomoses, and then fasten with screws.

5)Saw the combined upper frame boards to 45 degrees, taking care not to cut in the wrong direction.  

6)Do a simple fixture, the length of 45 degrees of the edge of the joint with glue clamping, to be dry, in the joint with the iron bar prepared in advance, reinforcement.  Because the 45 degrees Angle is more accurate, there is basically no error after fastening.  

7)Similarly tighten the other long and short sides, and then combine and tighten the two fastening parts, and the upper frame is completed.

4FT Foosball Table

Mesa punch

1) According to the center size, the first table and the table with screws, and then the second table and the second table on the alignment of tightening, pay attention to do not fasten screws and glue in the middle, so as not to affect the flatness of the table.

2) 6 nets hole is to use my the rest of the 4-inch plastic pipe to replace, according to the design size and pipe diameter circle, I there is no dig round tool, such as wire saw, drill, I is to take the most primitive way, with a small hole drilling flowers along the graph line, drilling with a drill milling around before and after wearing, down across the board, from top to bottom by electric grinder sand, garden hole forming, Reoccupy the electric drill to install the garden file processing, a hole in 20 minutes to complete.

3) Lift the upper frame, position it according to the center, clamp it with the bottom plate,) copy it to the upper frame according to the round hole on the bottom plate.  B) According to the size of the star, draw a line and drill a hole, and drill a hole with 3/8 "(with 3/8" long 5-inch bolts as fixing and star) C) lift the upper frame, and enlarge the bolt hole of the bottom plate with 1/2 "drill hole, so as to facilitate assembly when the upper frame is reset next time.  D) Drill holes like the bottom plates and file them with an electric grinder and drill.  E) Cut the 4-inch plastic pipe into a 9-inch length, and remove the excess part with a hand saw according to the size of the upper frame on the bottom plate.  F) Each plastic tube is fixed on the board surface with 3 screws.  (The SLATE tabletop is fixed on the upper frame, and the wooden tabletop is fixed on the wooden board.)  

child air hockey table

40” Child Air Hockey Table

Lay a billiard cloth

1) Clean all the sundries on the board surface, wipe off the dust with a wet cloth, and touch it with your hands without any uneven or protruding.  Put the mud cloth on the table and leave 2 inches around it. After cutting the excess part, the glue edge should be used.  

2) Prepare 4 8 feet square hooks, 2 long edges 9 hook hooks, 2 short edges 5 hooks.  Connect two rubber bands bought in the first place, fasten them on the clay, cloth with a pin, and hang the rubber band on the wooden square crochet hook (as shown in Figures 17 and 18, the rubber band can be tightened evenly due to its elasticity. This method is applied when only one person is operating, and if there is more than one person, it can be tightened by manpower).  This automatically tightened the mud, and after one night, it grew an inch for four weeks, proving that the tightening worked.  At this time, I used a manual nail gun to fix the mud cloth in the bottom plate for 4 weeks. I also used glue to make it stronger.  Do not apply glue to the middle surface of the bottom plate.  

3) then remove all the hanging tools and cut off the cloth on all the bolt holes of the bottom plate with scissors, leaving holes for frame mounting.  

4) Lift the upper frame, the bolt hole and the mesh hole are basically consistent, install the bolt, washer, tighten the screws (not too tight), and then repair and fill the gap between the mesh hole and the upper frame.  

Making a billiard table is a particularly patient affair, so try one if you have the time.  Or buy a Mini table.  

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