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Assembling a desk from scratch can be a challenging task if you've never done it before. Foosball tables have a lot of parts that need to be assembled, and usually, the parts need to be assembled in the right order, otherwise, you may find that you have to take a step back in order to get the job done. If you've spent a lot of time putting it together, this can be frustrating. But, as with all things in life, apply a little patience and you know the job will get done. When you try this job, you have two options. The first option is the easiest, because of WIN.MAX now provides an assembly pack when you buy a table from WIN.MAX or you can read further and build it yourself.

If you just want a professional to assemble the watch, rather than try it yourself, be aware that the professional will charge a lot and it won't seem like a good deal. Now you can do this using the assembly package provided with WIN.MAX. The setup time may vary from model to model, but the standard time is 2 hours. If you're not sure what you're doing, this can give you peace of mind. However, if you want to try it out for yourself, we recommend you read the rest of this article.


1. Take the Table out of the box.

2. Fine a clean, level place to begin the assembly of your soccer table. We recommend that two adults work together to assemble this foosball table.

3. Remove all the parts from the box and verify that you have all of the listed parts as shown on the parts list page. Carefully cut or tear the four corners of the box so that the bottom of the box can be used as your work surface.

4. Unfold legs on Table and lock into place. Then two adults should turntable over to a standing position.

5. Attach Player Rods in the order as shown. Be sure players are facing the proper direction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Is the Warranty on Foosball Tables?

Typically, most brands provide a warranty ranging from 180 days to 1 year.

2. What Are Counterbalanced Foosball Men?

Foosball players/men come in two types – counterbalanced and non-counterbalanced. What it basically means is that those players who have equal weight distribution on both their head and feet are called counterbalanced or weighted men. Using such men gives a better advantage at controlling and striking

3. Is It Smart to Buy a Used Foosball Table?

If you aren’t on a budget, it is best to buy a brand-new table than an old and used table. Any gaming unit wears out a little after every use, the parts become rough, and the experience of a new product is never the same as an old one. You never know how old the unit is, and the worst part is there is no warranty.

We are convinced that WIN.MAX family foosball table is a boredom killer in any space, be it a sports bar, man cave, gaming room, office, or home. And most definitely, since you’re here, you may agree on that too.

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Post time: Oct-28-2021