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There must be a game or sports meeting in everyone's heart that makes him feel very happy to play. Do you know what games can be played at a birthday party, friends' gathering, company building, or even parent-child interaction? Football? Basketball? Dartboard? Or an air hockey table? These are all fine, but the foosball table gives you a more intense experience.

About WIN.MAX sports

WIN.MAX is a company specializing in Chinese foosball supply, dartboard wholesale, and skateboard sales. It is a supplier of sports goods in China. It has everything you want. High quality and good service. Just think about it, you don't have to worry about a hot summer day or a nasty rainy day that prevents you from going out to play football. Because football table can let you feel at home in the football field of happiness.

About soccer table

Table football is such a fun game that it was even included in the national sport to become a competition. By working with your hands, eyes, and brain, you can enjoy leisure weekends with family and friends. For children, it can also exercise their agility, play with their parents, and enhance parent-child interaction. Why not get a football table for your house?

How much time do you spend getting to know the foosball table?

Usually, without any experience, you might go to a mall or a place that sells soccer tables and buy a soccer table. This is not recommended, however, as it may frustrate you by buy the wrong table. Maybe you bought a football table. But you only know the style, size and so on. But some soccer tables, which are of poor quality, may break down after you play them a few times. It doesn't matter, the next time will introduce you to a few suitable for your football table.

Wooden Foosball Table

Type of foosball table

There are also many types of foosball, such as standing, folding foosball tables, children's mini foosball tables, and even coin-operated foosball tables, but they are rare. The materials are usually wood and MDF and plastic.

How tall is the football table

This usually depends on the style of football table, the standard football table height is about 34-36 inches, of course, there will be a smaller size, such as children's play mini football table, usually, they are about 3 feet, the height of about 23 cm.

If you choose the right soccer table for you, it depends on the size of your home. If it is in the living room or your game room, you can choose a standard soccer table of 48-56 inches or a large soccer table. If placed in a corner, you can choose a folding soccer table.

mini football table

More and more people are choosing foosball table, which is even popular all over the world. To learn more about WIN.MAX products, check out the recommendations below and read the related articles. They are a Chinese football table supplier, providing the best quality and service.

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Post time: Jan-06-2022