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Air hockey table is a game in which two players play against each other on a low friction table. Air hockey requires an air hockey table, forwards held by two players, and a puck. The air hockey table has a very smooth and smooth surface and reduces friction by suspending the puck on an air cushion so that it slides across the table in a straight line at a relatively constant speed.

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History of the air hockey table

Air hockey table is a competition based on older technology. Air tables were originally a delivery technology that allowed heavy objects, such as cardboard boxes, to slide easily across table surfaces. The original air table from the 1940s had fairly large holes that were plugged with ball bearings. Objects placed on the table press down on the ball, allowing air to escape and lift the object slightly off the table.

By 1967, it had been improved and re-used as a tool for teaching basic physics. The tabletop is a sandwich of fiberboard or plexiglass panels separated by a honeycomb structure. The top surface is drilled with a grid of small holes, and the space between the plates supplies low-pressure compressed air, just enough for the "air ball" to float on the surface. While these air hockey tables are fun to play, they're not games yet.

Air hockey was created by a group of Brunswick Billiards employees from 1969 to 1972. In 1969, three Brunswick engineers, PhilCrossman, BobKenrick, and Brad Baldwin began creating games using frictionless surfaces.

In any case, the tournament was an immediate financial success, and by the mid-1970s, there was a great deal of interest in the championship. As early as 1973, Houston's players formed the Houston Air Hockey Association, followed shortly thereafter by the Texas Air Hockey Players Association, which set the rules and promoted the sport through local tournaments held at the Houston Cannabis, Damiens, and the University of Houston.

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How big is the Mini air table?

The standard air hockey table is an 8-inch table, which is a game-specific size approved by the Air Hockey Association and the Air Hockey Players Association. Other full-size or novelty air hockey tables with flashing lights, painted railings or smaller ones will not be approved for games, but they can be used for practice. Mini air hockey tables, for example, usually measure 1.5,2,2.5 feet, which is great for kids to play with. If played with children, it is also a good parent-child interactive game.

The mini air hockey table takes up less space and is lightweight, so it can be easily placed on a table for kids to play with and can be put in a drawer at home when you don't need it.

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Other types of air hockey tables

In addition to the mini air hockey table, WIN.MAX also offers a 40" standing air hockey table for kids that you can put in a corner of your home, in a kids' room, or in a playroom.

Final advice

The price of a table can depend on many factors, among which the size of the air hockey table is the most important one. When buying, you must consider the space in your home, and then go to buy the air hockey table suitable for you. At the same time, WIN.MAX offers wholesale air hockey tables.

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