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Several people claim to have invented the sport, such as Spaniard Alejandro Finisterre and Frenchman Lucien Rosengart. Invention patents have been around since the 1890s, so what's their history of them? Here is WIN.MAX Chinese foosball manufacturer to answer your question.

The history of table football

Table football is called foosball in the United States, from the German word Fuß for football. From ball (foosball is usually German for a kicker), also known as table soccer, it's called Futbolin in Spain, Taca-Taca in Chile, and Futbolito in some Other Spanish-speaking countries. Italy calls it Biliardino or Calcio Balilla, and some French-style participants also call it fate or baby-foot.

In 2002, ITSF (International Table Football Federation) was founded in France. As a system and framework for organizing sports and regulating international competitions, the federation was established to promote the game of table football. And to establish and promote the sport as an official sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


How do you play foosball?

Foosball is used to kick the ball into the opposing team's goal using figures mounted on revolving poles. Foosball tables may vary in size, but a regular foosball is about 120 cm (3.9 ft) long and 61 cm (2.00 ft) wide. Usually consisting of eight rows of players, these are plastic, metal, wooden, or sometimes carbon fiber figures mounted on horizontal metal strips. Each team consists of one or two human players and controls four rows of players, one each for the goalkeeper, defender, midfield, and striker. The player controls the characters with joysticks and uses them to lift, pass, or "kick" a ball. Play begins when the ball is delivered through a hole in the side of the table, or simply by placing the ball by hand at the feet of a figure in the center of the table. A coin toss is usually used to determine which player or team will serve first. If it is not the first game, or the ball goes out of bounds, or the ball stops suddenly, then the team that scores last wins the serve after he scores. The term for a dead ball when it leaves the table or stops somewhere out of the reach of the male figure. Professional players are known to move the ball at speeds of up to 56 km/h (35 MPH) during the game.

Type of foosball

Foosball includes foldable foosball tables, large foosball tables, regular foosball tables, and mini foosball tables for kids. There are even all-in-one game tables, often including soccer tables, air hockey tables, pool tables, or table tennis tables.


Recommended football table

48 "Foldable Foosball Table

WIN.MAX 48 "foldable football table of perfect size, easy to fold and retract. It's light, so children can carry it from their room to the living room. This classic soccer game has simple rules, is popular at parties, and offers endless fun for people of all ages.


48" soccer table

4FT Freestanding Wooden Foosball Table

This fun 4ft wooden foosball is popular and perfect for family interactive games, easy to assemble, requires no batteries, doesn't involve complex instructions or rules, and is a great puzzle for kids! Encourage multiplayer and social games.


Wooden Foosball Table

20in Foosball Table Game

This WIN.MAX MINI football table uses 12mm of premium MDF and 8mm iron bars to ensure durability and durability of the table. The small football table is also designed for children, who can easily move them anywhere in the house.


mini football table

8 in 1 table game

WIN.MAX 8 in 1 game table provides more fun for you. Includes foosball, pool table, air hockey table, table tennis table, bowling, chess, backgammon, shuffleboard.


8 in 1 table games


A football table is a great sport, maybe you don't have enough conditions to go to the real football field, or you can't go out on a rainy day, having a fun football table allows you to enjoy the game at home with your family and friends.  If you don't know how to play foosball, check out our article below.  Maybe you also like Chinese football tables, you can contact us.  WIN.MAX not only manufactures foosball in China, but also wholesales dart boards, among other things.  

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