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Foosball is one of those bar football table games you can just pick up and enjoy, without any real knowledge of the basic rules.

But if you play often and even somewhat competitively with friends, you’ll want to refine your mallet skills and learn a few tips from the pros. so next time you beat your buddies the right way, haha.

This post provides a refresher on how to play foosball, including an overview the basic rules, scoring, penalties and some tips to improve your skills.

Perhaps,like me,I am a small player walking between professional and amateur, the following share may not be professional, But it's enough to get a group of players who share loves of foosball together and enjoy the game.

Why not start our game together!

Rules of Play –The first rule of thumb in learning to play foosball is rolling and pushing the rod with the playing men in order to move the ball into the goal!and the basic rules of play are quite simple. Aside from no spinning and no “unsportsmanlike conduct”, the majority of other rules govern the pace of play and special circumstances that arise during play.

Let’s check out other Foosball Tips.


Here is one of the Foosball tips. It is important to stick as closely to as many official rules as you can, and for beginners, it is also important for them to learn the right way first, so there are no misunderstandings moving forward. A simple thing as a coin toss determines which team starts play. The teams at coin toss will decide which team plays whether in defense or offense positions.


The game has rules as to a number of players that may be engaged in any session. There are teams of 1 on 1 and 2 on 2, which is determined first.


A foosball ball goes dead if there is a flaw in the manufacturing of the playing field on the foosball table. This can be very challenging during plays. Another way you may experience a dead ball situation is, if the ball goes out of play in the middle of the field and is not easily reached by any team.


These two infractions are not allowed in foosball, but many new players to the game will make these mistakes. Spinning is making a 360 degree turn on the rod to try and make a goal. Seasoned players will have a field day with this one, and though it is illegal, your opponent will have the right to a free serve; on you! Jarring is also another illegal play, as this is done when you slam the rods hard against the rubbers to shift the ball out of play from your opponent, or, you slam your body intentionally against the table. These plays will cause you to lose control of the ball and this auger well for your opponent.


Out of Bounds play is very simple; it simply means, the foosball ball goes out from the basic sides of the foosball table and beyond the airspace above the edge of the table. The team who played the ball “out of bounds” must concede, and their opponents will have the official serving position; unless there are disputes, playing continues.


Let’s take a look at another tip from many Foosball Tips. It is illegal to reach into the game during play for the ball! You only do this with permission from your opponents. If this is done without permission, the opposing team has the right to take possession of the ball and start it into play. If the team in play did not have possession of the ball, then the opposing team automatically gets a goal.


Keeping score is relatively easy. If the ball goes into goal and bounces back out, it is still counted. The scoring bar is checked and the team gets the goal. Playing time for any foosball game depends on the team lineup and what two categories of scoring goals will be used to determine a winner. A best out of 3 to 5 game is counted or a 5 goal scored first by any team is also considered as a win.

Foosball tables are the perfect addition to anyone's game room or rec. room, and bring a ton of fun. It is very important after understanding these basic foosball tips of the game to remember to enjoy playing.