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If you've ever passed a game room or bar, you've probably seen someone playing foosball table. When you play it, you'll be amazed at how much fun it is and the sense of accomplishment that comes with winning.

But do you know what kind of foosball table you need?

You can place your desk at home in a video arcade, in the living room, or in a small room. This will influence your choice of different types of foosball tables.

Type of foosball table

Standard foosball table

This is a full-size game table. This is considered an all-in-one table, although you have to put it together when it arrives at your home. These are designed to stay in one place and are therefore usually quite heavy as they are built of solid wood. Some cheaper models use a combination of solid wood and MDF, particleboard, and these weigh less but are still typically at least 100 pounds. Most standard tables are made from high-quality components designed to keep you playing for years. Some are even heavy-duty models that you can put outside

Mini foosball table

Due to their small size, you will often hear this type of foosball table referred to as a mini-foosball table. The compact shape is perfect for children and those who don't have room for a full-size table but still want to be able to enjoy some foosball when they're feeling down. For tabletop models, you'll need a sturdy play surface, such as a dining table, coffee table, or work surface. You can also put them on the floor, but that's not the most comfortable way to play. Many parents prefer their kids' tabletop models because it provides an inexpensive way for kids to learn to play games before upgrading to a larger table.

Multi-purpose game table

This type of game table can be converted into many different types of board games on a single table. It can be like foosball, air hockey and pool table all rolled into one. Combinations vary by manufacturer and model, but these are usually full-size or near-size high-quality tables. But every once in a while, you can also find a desktop version. These are great for kids and people who live in small apartments or apartments and don't have room for a few game tables. If you only have enough money for a table in your budget, and you don't want to choose games as your favorite, they're also a good choice.

Coin-operated football table

You probably won't buy this type of table because it's the kind you find businesses like malls and sports bars. As the name suggests, this type requires coins to play. If you're actually looking for this type of table, please know that it's probably the most expensive type because it has extra components to make money with. In addition, these tables are super heavy duty

I believe that from the above introduction, you have a clear idea of what type of foosball table you want. So take a moment to read our foosball table buying guide for you.


If you want a standard full-size table, you'll need a table 56 inches long and 30 inches wide. Remember that this width does not include fully extended bars. So if you're buying narrow or cramped spaces in your home, make sure you get width in the case of an extension rod. On average, experts recommend providing 7 feet x 8 feet of playing space for your foosball table.

Goalkeeper configuration

When you compare foosball tables, one thing you immediately notice is that some are single-player goalkeepers and some are three-player goalkeepers. When it comes to foosball with one goalkeeper or three goalkeepers, which is best is just a matter of preference. Most tables in the United States have three-man goalkeepers, while most tables in the United Kingdom have one-man goalkeepers.

If you want a very fast-paced game, choose a three-man goalkeeping setup. If you want a game that requires more skill and precision, choose the single-player goalkeeper setting. If you're trying to develop your skills, know that the solo goalkeeping table will definitely help you become a better player. We recommend that children and beginners use a three-man goalie setup.


Some of the highest quality models will be made from solid wood, while the lowest quality models will be made from particleboard. Composite is somewhere in between, but it does have some advantages over solid wood. For solid wood tables, the wood can be affected by humidity, which can cause some warping if you live in a humid climate or keep it in a humid room. However, the composite is not affected by humidity, so it does not warp, and as long as it is at least an inch thick, it is very durable. Particleboard is a very, very cheap material that actually weakens and breaks down over time. In fact, if you buy a particleboard table, it will actually fall apart over time. A good indicator that the table is made of particleboard is that it weighs well under 70 pounds. We recommend that you avoid using any table made from particleboard.


We recommend that you choose a soccer table with a laminate rather than a paste design. Why is that? The paste will peel off and curl up, which will make you very uncomfortable during the game. If you want to get a cheap particleboard table, you only have to worry about stick-on designs. The last thing to consider about countertops is speed. For most American tables, the playing surface has a very smooth and hard surface. The harder and smoother the surface, the faster your ball will move during the match. Many European tables have solid wood finishes, resulting in slower ball travel.

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