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In this article, we will tell you whether steel tip darts can be used on a bristle dartboard, and choose the right dart for you.  

Types of darts

The texture of darts is divided into hard darts and soft darts.  The dart is composed of the tip, the body, the rod, and the tail of the dart. The most important part of the dart is the body, which is the most critical factor in determining the weight, texture, price, and shape of the dart.  The overall length of darts should not exceed 30.5 cm, with hard darts weighing no more than 50 grams each, and soft darts weighing no more than 18 grams.  

What is a bristle dartboard?

The bristle is set more than 5 cm long growing on the neck and the back of a pig. It is the main raw material for industrial and quartermaster brushes. The quality of dartboard made of bristle is very good, and it is the common dartboard used in an international darts competition. It has the characteristics of good throwing feeling, self-healing of the puncture, and basically no trace.

Can steel-tipped darts be used on a bristle dartboard?

Through the above introduction, we can know that steel tip darts have metal tips, suitable for playing on the bristle dartboard.  Soft tip darts are flexible darts made of soft plastic, and while they can be used on bristle dartboards, they are generally more commonly used on plastic or electronic darts.  

Are steel-tipped darts the best choice

Steel tip darts have been used in this game since the beginning of the sport.  In fact, the darts were originally a military game involving soldiers throwing metal spearheads or arrowheads.  As a result, steel tip darts are ingrained in the psyche of darts players around the world.  For some players, even considering using soft tip darts is sacrilege.  So what makes steel tip darts so good?  Playing steel tip darts offers many benefits that make them a top choice in everyone's mind.  Steel tip darts are heavier (typically between 20-30 grams) and can be thrown more accurately.  

Steel tip darts are also better when they are of good quality, they are almost a combination of steel and tungsten and will hardly bend even if dropped. This will effectively prolong its life. It's a good choice for professional practice.

China steel tip darts

Can steel tip darts be used by children?

We recommend that children use soft darts or plastic darts. Because soft-tipped darts have flexible plastic tips, that means they're a safe choice and the walls, floors, and furniture around them don't do much damage.

From the above introduction, everyone should know that steel tip darts can be used on the bristle dartboard. You can easily find the darts you want in WIN.MAX. If you need such a quality darts supplier.

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Post time: Dec-24-2021