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Maybe you own an air hockey table, but it's so big it occupies a corner of your living room. Or there's no place in the house to put it. You're thinking, can your air hockey table go outside? The rest will tell you.

Can you set up an air hockey table outside?

While some cheap air hockey tables aren't designed for the outdoors, others are designed specifically for the outdoors and can be placed outdoors even when it rains. So, if appropriate, you can put an air hockey table outside.

About the WIN. MAX

WIN.MAX is a sports goods manufacturer in China. They produce football tables, electronic dartboards, bristle dartboards, steel tip darts, soft tip darts, and wholesale air hockey tables. If you want to learn more about air hockey tables, you can read on.

Does water get into the blow-hole of my outdoor air hockey table?

WIN.MAX has created waterproof air hockey tables for this special outdoor use requirement. Also, there's no need to worry about water seeping into the blow-hole on the table. We solve this problem by designing the blow-hole so that water does not enter the blow-hole. In addition, the air hockey table comes with a curved surface that allows you to immerse yourself more deeply in the game.

However, remember that you have to make sure you don't leave your air hockey table outdoors for too long. While it can withstand mild weather conditions and condensation, it is clear that it will wear out more easily if left in these conditions for long periods of time. In fact, it is well known that air hockey tables do not withstand wet weather conditions and cooler temperatures at night if the weather is humid.

How to maintain an air hockey table?

If the air hockey table is left indoors, then you can simply cover the table with a tablecloth to prevent dust. The tablecloth's job is to protect the air hockey table from the buildup of dirt and dust that can settle and clog the holes in the table. However, since the air hockey table is outdoors, you can't settle for any tablecloth. You will have to use a cover, which is specially designed for covering outdoor air hockey tables.

We recommend that you buy PVC LIDS because they are more weather-more resistant than other materials. It also protects the table from dust, dust, weather, heat, water, and harsh UV rays, while also being very durable.

Air hockey table recommended

WIN.MAX MINI air hockey table

The mini hockey table is perfect for a game room. It's an arcade-style game with a simple hockey table design, a neutral play platform, fair play, and no advantage of a "home ice rink"; Crafted with a lightweight design, this compact game table can be carried anywhere and can be used on the floor or table. Enjoy intense beating and endless fun with mini Arcade classics that bring the joy of friendly competitive fun.

mini air hockey table

WIN.MAX 40 "air hockey table

The 40 "children's air hockey, board game toy is suitable for children and adults in limited Spaces. It promotes indoor physical exercise and is the perfect game to keep kids active, focused, and entertained. This classic sports, hockey table is a great addition to your rec room. With fun hockey graphics on the desktop, you'll feel like you're a one-off like an all-time great. This table features legs that are horizontally adjusted to any floor, keeping the surface stable and the puck gliding smoothly.

40”child air hockey table

6 "air hockey table

The curved legs of this 6 "air hockey table are your best choice, and the curved legs are designed to be stronger. Plus high-quality board media, lets you experience fierce competition and score.

6'' Camber legs air hockey table

Three in one air game table

Enjoy the excitement of the game, fast-paced soccer tables, exciting air hockey tables, as well as cool pool tables. Easy to switch games, durable desktop, easy to delete and store. Your family will enjoy hours of fun with this versatile table. It is easy to install and stylish.

3 in 1 table games

The last

It is still possible to play air hockey outdoors, as long as you protect your table or purchase one that can be played outdoors.

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