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In this review of the WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard, we’ll analyze the features, specifications and the pros and cons of this dartboard.

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The WIN.MAX electronic dartboard is an economic solution for professional dart players who want to practice, and for those who are looking for a safer solution to steel tip darts.

It’s considered an upper mid-range electronic board. The Cricket Pro 500 by Arachnid is considered on top while the Viper Showdown is a budget product.


Here’s a quick list of the specifications of this dartboard:

Outer diameter 15.5’’
Inner diameter 13.8’’
Thickness 1.06’’
Weight 3.5 lb
Dimensions 20’’ x 17” x 1”



21 different games with 65 different variations

Accommodates up to 8 players

Lots of accessories included



No online game modes

The LED screen is small



This board lies in the midst of the spectrum. For the purposes of a leisure-darter, this dartboard will give everything you need for an excellent darting experience for a reasonable price.


The WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Features

I’ve assessed the basic features of this board, and here’s what I found.



This goes for all electronic dart boards really. They are safer for both your walls, and the people in your house. The soft-tip darts are so much less threatening than the sharp steel-tip ones.


Smooth Transitioning

If you’re switching from a bristle dart board to an electronic one, the WIN.MAX will give you a carbon-copy experience.



Both the board and the darts are durable. Many cheaper electronic dart boards will fall short after a few months of use. The darts won’t stick to the board, and the board may not allocate your darts correctly. This will never happen with the WIN.MAX.





The WN.MAX comes with accessories that help you maintain your darting experience, but most importantly, you don’t need to buy any extra add-ons to start playing right away! Unlike other boards that require you to buy other things separately.


WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Features

This board has various attractive features that make it stand out amongst its competitors. These features include the following.

1. Top Quality Barrels

The barrels are precisely made using CNC manufacturing, which offers great precision in executing the perfect design.

The design includes knurls and deep cuts all the way through which ensure a comfortable and long-lasting firm grip.

2. Aluminum Shafts

The darts also feature precision cut aluminum shafts which provide maximum grip for the flights.

3. Rubber O-rings

The package comes with 20 O-rings to ensure a firm tightening between the threads and the body of the shaft.

This prevents vibrations in the body of the dart and provides a smooth, straight flight.

4. Polypropylene Flights

The flight design is the single most important factor for the aerodynamics of the dart. Polypropylene is the commodity plastic with the least density in the market, so your darts can easily fly for larger distances.

5. Ultra-Thin Spider

Nothing is more annoying than when your dart hits the spider and falls miserably to the ground. This is why WIN.MAX’s engineer designed a super-thin spider to avoid such a mishap.

6. Bright LCD Display

The LCD screen at the bottom of the board lets you keep playing without having to stop and calculate everyone’s scores after each round. Navigating the menu is user-friendly.

7. Wide Catch Ring

The board’s catch ring is wide enough to ensure protection for your wall from wrong throws.

8. Voice Announcer

If you’re practicing or having a friendly competition with your buddies; then the built-in voice announcer will be a fun addition to your darting sessions.

9. Large Number of Players

You can play with up to 4 individuals in single-player games, or up to 8 individuals in multiplayer games.

You also have the option to play against the computer with 5 different difficulty levels.


What Comes With the Package?

The package offers a number of accessories so you won’t have to make any extra purchases to start using and maintaining it.

1.12 soft tip darts
2.40 extra tips
3.20 O-rings
4.AC adapter
5.Mounting hardware
6.Game manual
7.12 extra flights
8.Flight protector
9.Dart multi-use tool

The Different Games You Can Play With the Board

The board has 21 different games you can play, with 65 variations. Some of the games provided are:

• 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, and 901: Be the first player to reach zero!
• Cricket: You have to hit the numbers 15 through to 20, then the bullseye to win
• Scram: Accumulate the highest score. Your opponent can block numbers by hitting them!
• Killer: Each player has three lives. You win by “killing” all your opponents
• Football: Score your goals by hitting the bullseye first
• Double down: Get the highest score by hitting certain targets on the board
• High score: Be the first to reach a certain score
• Shanghai: Score as many points as possible within 20 innings. Or Shanghai your opponent
• Golf: Complete each hole in the fewest amount of shots
• Shove a penny: Be the first to close all numbers 1 through 9
• Steeplechase: To win, you must be the first to work your way from 20 to 5 on the board, then finally the bullseye.


The Verdict

This dart board is the perfect choice for you to spend a holiday with your family and friends, and it provides you with plenty of games to keep you from getting bored. It is also a good choice for professionals who want to practice darts. It may not be the high end, but it does provide exceptional value for your payment.

If you would like to know more about our darts, you can contact us or check out our Winmax darts website.

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