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When a person really loves a sport, he will definitely want to be cool while playing. and I firmly believe that this requires you to have extraordinary skills. For me, playing darts is definitely a cool thing. Especially when you get a high score, that kind of joy is commendable in an age when life is so stressful.

In darts, it’s just as important (or even more) as in every skill sport. and the most important factor in getting better at darts is practice. No amount of skill is as useful as long practice. If you want to shine at a darts game, practice at home.

Now that you’re aware of deliberate practice, and know that you should be focusing on every aspect of your throw and analyzing what works and what doesn’t, let’s look at some darts practice routines that you can try practicing with at home when you’ve got your dart board set up.

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Here are 5 quick changes you can make today to improve your darts whilst practicing at home!

1. Throw at '20s for about a half-hour, or until you're comfortable, loose, and warmed up.

2. Then throw 100 darts at bull's-eyes, counting each single and double bull I hit. A good average is about 128 bulls out of the 200 possible.

3. A game called 121! You get 9 darts to take out 121 points and must finish on a double. If successful, you move to 122 and so on. Once you fail to take out your target number in 9 darts you start over! I play 2 or 3 rounds of this game.

4. Hit all the doubles, starting at 1 and ending at the bulls. Do three rounds of this, ideally getting each round done in 30 darts or less.

5. Play 501, best of 5 legs to set, best of 5 sets. You have to win each game in 15 darts or less or U lose a leg.


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Tip: Don't overdo it. If you practice too deliberately, and the practice time is too long, you will become tired, and then you will not be able to concentrate, which is counterproductive.

Practice for 20-25 minutes, take a short break, then another 20-25 minutes. That's all it takes each day to make great improvements with deliberate practice.


In addition to the above daily practice, don't forget the following two important things

Warm Up:

Like most sports or games warming up before a game is important. Unlike pure athletes you are unlikely to pull a muscle or suffer an injury playing darts, however, a good warm-up routine will prepare you for a match, it will help loosen your arm, improve your match games and improve your confidence.

If you feel your arm is a bit tight before you try to throw stretch your muscles by extending your arm while turning it. Flex and twist your wrist hands and fingers. All of this will help loosen your arm for throwing.

Practice with Purpose:

Practicing with purpose means having a goal in mind. What do you want to improve? Do you want to practice finishing? Is it your scoring that’s letting you down? Pick a definite aspect of your game and set about improving it with a darts practice routine that has been designed especially to improve it.

Well practice makes perfect is an old expression but that’s what it’s all about. You cannot get good without practicing, regardless of how much talent you may have. I and firmly belief that if you want to be a great dart player, you need to practice consciously.

I love the game of darts so much and consider myself very lucky to be successful at doing what I love! And you?

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Post time: Apr-02-2021