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This WIN.MAX table is a 12 in 1 multi-purpose table, it has foosball/billiards/table tennis/ice hockey (Fanless)/ drag ball/bowling/billiards/backgammon/chess/checkers/dice/checkers/toss etc. This will give you the best option when you don’t know whether to choose a soccer table or a pool table. Good quality and fun to play.

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Speaking of "table football", we may be familiar with it, but for the elderly living in nursing homes may be a new thing.  In this game, not only can exercise the coordination function of hand, eye and brain, but also can enhance the flexible reaction ability of the elderly, delay the aging of the brain and bring more happiness to the elderly.  WIN.MAX is the largest supplier of Table Football supplies in China and can provide you with the best service.  

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The size is about 106.7cm (L) x 61 cm (W) x 81.3cm (H), the material is MDF, the total weight is about 24.5kg.

2 foosball, billiards: 2 clubs, 1 set of billiards, 2 chalk, 1 triangle, 1 ping-pong brush: 2 ping-pong balls, 1 ping-pong net, 2ping-pong bats, 6 shuffle stones, 10 bowling pins, 1 set of chess pieces, 1 set of Checkers/backgammon pieces, a dice game with dice, 1 poker, 1 set of circles, 4 horseshoe figures for throwing games

Suitable for the whole family: All types of games can be set up more easily and can be quickly picked up and enjoyed by both children and adults.


1. What is the table soccer game called?

Table soccer also called table football and known as babyfoot in French, Kicker in German, calciobalilla or biliardino in Italian, futbolín in Spanish and foosball /ˈfuːzbɔːl/ in North American English, is a tabletop game that is loosely based on association football (soccer).

2. How much is a soccer foosball table?

Due to this research, we know that foosball tables range in price from about $20 for a mini tabletop version all the way up to $4,000 for a cabinet-style table. However, most tables fit into the $100-$1,200 range and tournament-style tables played on $2,000 tables.

3. How do you play the table game soccer?

Tabletop football is a class of tabletop games simulating association football (soccer), either of the codes of rugby or some other form of football such as American football or Australian-rules football.

4. Which is the best football table?

You can always trust WIN.MAX football table, as the largest sports equipment wholesaler in China, will bring you a different surprise.  

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