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This bristle steel tip dartboard is ideal for professional competition practice. The sisal dartboard is made of high quality sisal fiber, with automatic healing and other features. Sisal fiber is not easy to break, the quality is good, so you don’t have to worry about the dartboard being thrown away soon after you buy it.  Come and enjoy high quality darts games with WIN. MAX friends.

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The WIN. MAX sisal dartboard is made from high-quality, A-class bristles from African sisal. The sisal dartboard material is mainly used for professional darts as the fibers are flexible and at the same time highly dimensionally resistant. When darts with a metal tip are pulled out of the disc, the individual fibers will return to their original position. Unlike a cork dartboard, the holes close by themselves and the board can be used long-term. The sisal fiber dartboard can therefore also be easily used as a steel dartboard, which means fewer bounces thanks to extra thin wire edges.

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Classical Bristle Dartboard features:

Professional material: High-quality dartboard without cork: Heavy-duty sisal (A-class) fibers ensure great durability, with self-closing holes. The material used in professional darts.

Extra thin wire: Ultra-flat and narrow wire mesh ensures less bouncing and makes hit zones easier to see. Of all dartboards, the variants with extra thin wire are now considered among professional darts players as the perfect device for darts. The wire is thinly and precisely manufactured with a lot of effort to provide as little space as possible for bouncing.

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The sisal fiber dartboard with a diameter of 460 mm corresponds exactly to the tournament dimensions of the German Darts Association and can therefore be used not only for the hobby but also in association tournaments.

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Thanks to the 38 mm thickness, the board remains robust for a long time. Even typical steel dart arrows do not cause permanent damage and the high-quality, A-class sisal material brings the surface quickly back to order

People also ask

1. Are sisal dart boards any good?

   The Sisal fibers stay compressed for years, offering you a more extended service and durability.

2. What is a sisal dartboard?

   Sisal dartboards are made of sisal fibers that make them very durable. They are used with steel-tip darts that will easily slip into the dartboard. Paper dartboards are more suitable for home use but you can usually use them from both sides and have a lot more fun that way!

3. What is the best material for a dartboard?

   Sisal is without a doubt the best option for the manufacture of “bristle” dartboards, and this can easily be proven by the fact that the highest quality boards being used in the highest echelons of the sport are all made with sisal fibers.

4. How do you maintain a sisal dartboard?

.Rotate Your Dartboard

.Keep your Dartboard Dry

.Keep Your Space Clean

.Maintain Your Darts

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  • FAQ1

    Q: What is a professional dart board?

    A: The main dartboard that professional darts players use is the bristle dartboard. Frankly, it is the only dartboard that has material that can last for a long time and give professional players the accuracy they demand. Bristle is a material comprised of special plant fibers called sisal.


    Q: What is the size of a bristle dart board?

    A: This is a standard bristle dartboard with 18″ inch diameter and 1 layer of densely packed sisal allowing for optimal self-healing. Of course, this is a staple-free dartboard allowing for lower bounce-outs. WIN.MAX is a reputable company that doesn’t joke around with its quality. This board also comes with a cool feature.


    Q: How Do I Choose an Electronic Dart Board?

    A: Choosing an electronic dart board starts with determining the main reason why you need it. Fun? Family? Practice? Then move on to your budget. Finally, let other factors like playing field size, different colors, game selection, and durability take over. Different boards are better for different reasons.


    Q: Do you need a dart board to play darts?

    A: A dartboard is easy to hang and requires no set-up, just a set of darts, and you’re ready to play. 


    Q: What are the ingredients in dartboards?

    A: The main ingredient in dartboards of today is the sisal or hemp which the English dartboard makers import from Africa. The sisal fibers are cleaned and braided into long skeins which are formed into a paper-covered tube approximately 3 inches in diameter.



    Q: What Kind of Dart Boards do the Pros Use?

    A: Professional players and sponsored tournaments almost always use bristle boards. It’s the most durable material, and it’s perfect for tight dart groupings.


    Q: Can traditional darts be used on electronic dartboards?

    A: Traditional darts come with sharp, pointed tips that can puncture the electronic dartboard. They are not designed to be used on these boards. If you have traditional darts, buy a bristle board and use them there.


     Q: How Much Do Electronic Dart Boards Cost?

     A: Electronic dart boards cost anywhere from about $30 to more than $200. A good one won’t cost less than $50.


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