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This WIN.MAX economical electronic dartboard set has 21 games, 65 gameplay options, LED scoring screen with automatic scoring and automatic broadcast of the score function. Comes with 6 soft tip darts and high quality adapter, complimentary 40 dart tips.

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The best electronic dart board features:

21 Exciting Games with 65 Variations

21 Exciting Games with 65 Variations

No denying that you will get bored if you play the same game all the time. This board features 21 exciting games with 65 variations, which would definitely provide more fun. Game list: 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, Cricket, No-score cricket, Scram, Killer, Football, Bowling, Double down, High score, Shanghai, etc.

LCD Display

LCD Display

Do not stop playing to keep scores, all you need is to enjoy the game with 1 LCD display. WIN.MAX dartboard is equipped with the LCD display to provide a real score and fair play.

Have Fun with More People

Have Fun with More People

The maximum number of individual players is limited to 4. It is also capable of keeping score for team play: 2 teams of 2 (4 individuals), 2 teams of 3 (6 individuals), and then 2 teams of 4 (8 individuals). No matter you want to play with your family or friends, this board works. Play against the computer with 5 skill levels or gather your friends and play in teams.



Ultra-thin do not mean poor quality but on the contrary, reducing bounce-outs and helps to achieve higher scores. Tested tough segments stand up to heavy use and withstand your toughest throws again and again.3 volume levels (include mute mode )adjustable for different Scenes.

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WMG08580-game room electro dartboard-GD1604-105
WMG08580-game room electro dartboard-GD1604-105-

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  • Manufacturer  WIN.MAX
    Name Standard Electronic Dartboard
    Model WMG08580
    Product Dimensions 51.0×2.73×43.5cm
    Function 21 exciting games with 65 variations for players of all ages
    1 LED display with “bar type” cricket scoring system
    suitable for 1 to 8 players automatic
    scoring/sound effect/voice announcer wide catch ring for missed darts
    play up with computer in 4 levels:professional/advanced/intermediate/
    Accessories color box packing
    6 soft tip darts;
    extra 40 tips for spare
    quality approved adapter(230v/50hz/7w)
    Packing Ctn Size: 46x27x57cm, 6 pcs/ctn
    G.W.: 11.3kg
    N.W.: 10.6kg 

    1. Can someone please measure the diameter of the scoring area? I believe regulation size should be 15.5″..And 18″ diameter overall.

    Answer:13.5″ target face. It is hard to measure the diameter overall, since this dartboard is in irregular shape. Almost all electronic dartboards’ target face is 13.5″.

    2. Is it possible to turn off the voice on this dart board?

    Answer:No, the voice cannot be turned off.

    3. Under the product description, it mentions some mounting hardware (screws, iron sheet and anti skid cones). Should I have received in the box?

    Answer:The installation guide in the description part is incorrect. It is for bristle dartboard, not for electronic dartboard. Installing WIN.MAX electronic dart board is much more easier. Please check the manual when you receive the dartboard set.

    4. Can you use a power adapter instead of batteries?

    Answer:Yes, it came with the power adapter to plug into the wall.

    5. What weight darts are supposed to be used with this board?

    Answer:Darts of no more than 18 grams.

    6. What is the weight of the darts that come with this?

    Answer:10 grams

    7. What’s the diameter of this dartboard?

    Answer:Product dimension: around 51cm x 2.73cm x 44cm (20″ x 17″ x 1″)

    8. Would this be a good gift for 9 and 12 year old boys? Or dangerous because of the sharp darts?

    Answer:Electronic dart boards use soft tip darts, which is safer for kids than steel tip darts.

    9. Is there a tripod/stand that supports this board?

    Answer:No, usually a stand is for bristle dart boards.

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