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For most darts players or athletes, dartboard surrounds have become a necessity.  Believe that you do not want to have a lot of holes in your smooth walls because of the practice of darts, this Win. MAX EVA dartboard surrounds can well protect your walls and darts, easy to install,accommodates both standard dartboard surround size is 17. 75-inch bristle dartboard, perfect for home or club use. It is used on both sides to sustain even longer lifespan.

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Established in 2008, WIN.MAX is specialized in supplying the dart market with the most cost-effective beginner’s dart equipment. All of our darts and dartboards designs by our experienced engineer who has been playing and making darts for more than two decades.


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4 Interlocking parts make it easy to adjust the surround to fit snug to any normal size dartboard, requiring no tools/fixing kit.


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The WIN.MAX EVA surround uses materials that have just the right amount of giving and rigidity. Having the right amount of giving allows for surface penetration. The right amount of rigidity captures the dart, preventing it from slipping out of the surround and falling to the floor.

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With 450mm inner diameter, it fits very snug to official dartboards, perfect for home or club use. It is usable on both sides to sustain even longer lifespan.

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It is designed to boost flight speed, reduce dragging and bouncing. Because it's all about the straightest flight trajectory and its pinpoint precision. The strong streamline steel tip darts have a superb tactical finish that feels just right in your hand AND looks amazing. The outstanding grip points for steady hand placement help every shot become a perfect shot.

Dartboard Surround Specification:

WIN.MAX - China Dartboards supplier

No matter if you practice or just play for fun, this makes it live as if you were taking fierce competition.

Manufacturer  WIN.MAX
Name Darts set
Model WMG75322
Product Dimention Dia 28.4'' x 17.8'' x H1.18'' cm
Function EVA dartboard surrounds project walls from damage by darts.
4 reversible interlocking pieces easy self assembly.no tools or fixing kit required (dartboard not included.)
Accommodates both standard 17.75-inch bristle dartboards, perfect for home or club use.
A practical alternative to a traditional dartboard cabinet, this dartboard defender gives you a wider safety area than a cabinet.
Black, durable backboard for dart board to protect the area around the dartboard from stray darts and protect your darts from hard walls.
Packing Thickness: 3.0 cm(1.18in)   Ring width: 13.4cm(5.28in)   Diameter: 72.5cm(28.4in)
Weight:440 g (0.97lb.)
55cm x 46cm x 50cm 
8 sets / ctn
Feature easy puzzle piece assembly, Light, durable and reversible
defend your wall from dents and dings, An attractive velvet surface minimizes signs of wear
constructed from one-inch-thick high-density EVA Foam

No More Darts Marks: High-density EVA foam dart board surround easily captures and retains the darts preventing bounce-outs and unsightly marks on walls and floors.


Easy To Assemble: To install this lightweight rectangular dartboard backboard, assemble the pieces according to their number without using any tools. 


Universally Compatible: These premium dart board backboards are compatible with any standard-size 17.75" dartboard. Easy to carry and store, the dart back board comes in a full-colored cardboard case.


Boost Your Darts Setting: This attractive dartboard surround blends in with any decor  Elegant and minimalistic, the dart board wall protector enhances your room's look.


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  • du@nh

    High quality foam and darts

    Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2020

    Color: USVerified Purchase

       - This is a highly dense foam, not feeling cheap like some others.

       - The assembling was an easy task, they just snap right onto each other.

       - The included darts are made of metal, which is a great addition! Mine is made out of plastic, maybe time to upgrade.

     - I do not find any cons yet.

    Customer imageCustomer image
    21 people found this helpful

     Amazon Customer

    Nice dart board surround

    Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2020

    Color: US Verified Purchase

       Great dart surround, WM dart came out with a good surround. Fit was a little tight around my Unicorn Eclipse Pro board, I just trimmed 1/8 inch off the inside diameter of the EVA foam with a sharp exacto hobby knife for a perfect fit. All boards are not exact same size on outside diameter so I’m glad WM dart kept it on the small side, you can always trim some off for a perfect fit. On the quality and function you can’t go wrong I really like the dart board surround. The darts are nice mid range darts they weigh 26 grams. Thank you Win Max great dart board surround…

     Customer imageCustomer imageCustomer imageCustomer image

     17 people found this helpful



    Brandon F

    Easy to put together it looks good works great

    Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2020

    Color: US Verified Purchase

    It was very easy to put together,It seems to work great with darts however I’m planning on using it for a different reason, I I plan on using this as part of my archery targets… I was pretty cool that they included two sets of darts as well

     Customer imageCustomer image

     37 people found this helpful



     Hyeon Park

    Protects wall pretty good

    Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020

    Color: USVerified Purchase

        I’m not that good at dart so, I mostly hit this protector instead of dart board lol. it’s a soft rubbery feeling protector, also come with 6 darts

     Customer image

     37 people found this helpful




    Steve Schneider

    Money well spent

    Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2021

    Color: USVerified Purchase

    Looks sharp, and fits nice and snug around my older Winmau Blade 4. It catches errant darts very well, and hard thrown heavier darts don’t pierce through the back. It even deadens the “thud” of the darts hitting the board, which is mounted directly on the wall. Wish I would have bought it sooner.

    Customer image



     Amazon Customer

    Great product!

    Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2020

    Color: US Verified Purchase

       Exactly what I needed. I was concerned about the space between the dartboard and a “bulkhead”. Another reviewer showed a picture with a suspended ceiling and that person cut the top of the ring so I took a risk and did the same. Worked perfectly!!

     Customer image

    16 people found this helpful


    Dennis K.

    Super zum Schutz und sehr einfach zu “installieren”

    Reviewed in Germany on June 2, 2018

      Verified PurchaseDer Ring zum Auffangen von Darpfeilen, die nicht die Dartscheibe getroffen haben, ist sehr zu empfehlen. Das Modell lässt sich sehr einfach zusammenstecken. Der Schaumstoff ist sehr hochwertig und fängt die Pfeile perfekt auf. Die Schrift ist gut gedruckt und bleibt am Gummi, blättert also nicht ab. Zusammenfassend sehr zu empfehlen beim Dartspielen und macht eine super Arbeit.

     Customer imageCustomer imageCustomer imageCustomer image

     142 people found this helpful

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