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The classic double-sided dart board is made from high-quality metal stand and aluminum frame paper and flocking, with a paper dart board on one side and a flocking dart board on the other.  Due to its flocking properties, the dart is easily recovered after being pulled out, thus better protecting the dart surface.  Easy to use, easy to operate.  This is a dartboard with a diameter for teenagers and adults.  To train your eyesight, darts need rhythmic vision.  Relax, relax your eyes, relieve eye strain.  Perfect for family entertainment, game room or study.  

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Double Sided paper Dartboard Features:

horsehair dartboard

Professional material: High-quality dartboard without cork: Heavy-duty sisal (A-class) fibers ensure great durability, with self-closing holes. The material used in professional darts.

bristle dartboard cabinet

Extra thin wire: Ultra-flat and narrow wire mesh ensures less bouncing and makes hit zones easier to see. Of all dartboards, the variants with extra thin wire are now considered among professional darts players as the perfect device for darts. 

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Corkboard dartboards are made of high-quality double flaking, metal bracket, and aluminum alloy frame. Due to the properties of the flocking

It recovers easily after pulling out the arrow and thus better protects the surface of the dartboard. Simple and easy-to-use simple operation. The double-sided design is perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

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  • Manufacturer  WIN.MAX
    Name stylish double-sided paper dartboard
    Product Dimension Size: 18 inch
    Item number WMG517722
    Function Blade dartboards are made of high-quality double flaking, metal bracket, and aluminum alloy frame. Due to the properties of the flocking, it recovers easily after pulling out the arrow and thus better protects the surface of the disc.
    Made of high density and high visibility flocking on both sides to reduce the scuff marks, extend the life of your dartboard, and preserve the beauty of your game room, man cave or pub.
    Double-sided flocked dartboards with darts, front: the playing area, enjoy the fun of the competition. Negative side: entertainment side, enjoy friendship and interaction. Adult dartboards Stable setting, aluminum edge, can be used for recreational entertainment and amateur games.
    Official tournament size: With a diameter of 460mm the dartboard is exactly the official size – perfect for hobby and darts tournaments
    The perfect gift for family leisure fun, suitable for kids and adults, parties, sports and leisure, indoor and outdoor, family and office friends or family in a safe and fun way.
    Accessories 6 pcs darts 
    gift box packing 
    Packing Ctn Size: 44.5x26x44.5cm, 12 pcs/ctn
    G.W.: 19.5 kg/ ctn
    N.W.: 19 kg /ctn
    FAQ1 Q: What is a paper dartboard?A:Wound paper boards are made by coiling paper sheets together to form the striking surface of the board. Wound paper dartboards are also relatively inexpensive and, in theory at least, durable.
    FAQ2 Q: What are the different types of dartboards?A: The Different Types Of Dart BoardsBristle dartboard​ Bristle dartboard usually points to a time of regular playing in a pub or bar.Electronic dartboard. The electronic dartboard is for new time people.Magnetic Dartboard​ The electronic dartboard is for new time people.Wooden Dartboards. …Cork Dart Boards.
    FAQ3 Q: What is a bristle dartboard?A: Bristle Dartboards, Contrary to their name, bristle boards are actually made of sisal or hemp. The sisal fixes itself after a dark hit it, making it a great material for dartboards. The darts used with bristle boards have a steel tip and a body made from brass or tungsten. They aren’t toys by any means. 
    FAQ4 Q: Do you need a dartboard to play darts?A: A dartboard is easy to hang and requires no set-up, just a set of darts, and you’re ready to play. 
    FAQ5 Q: Is a bristle dartboard any good?A: The best bristle dartboard will provide that type of pro-quality setup that all dart enthusiasts are looking for. These boards are durable, built tough, and come loaded with all the right features that are designed to prevent bounce out and ensure you enjoy a challenging round of darts with your family and friends.
    FAQ6 Q: What is a flocked dartboard?A: FLOCKED SURFACE- The board is covered in a flocked coating that hides punctures from the darts, prolonging the life of your dartboard and preserving the handsomeness of your game room, man cave or pub.
    FAQ7 Q: How long does a bristle dartboard last?A: It ought to last about two years for someone who plays 45 minutes to an hour every day. If you’re a really serious player and play two or more hours a day, you probably know a good bristle dartboard will be around for six to eight months
    FAQ8  Q: Which is better electronic or regular dartboard? A: Electronic dartboards are often recommended for children and more casual players because they’re safe and the automated score keeping makes it easier for casual players to just pick up and go. Bristle boards are recommended for more serious players that want to enter tournaments and play at a more competitive level.


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