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This new high quality smart dartboard from WIN.MAX boasts electronic scoring: 2-hole spacing and connects to smart phones or tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc.  Also professional electronic dart board, 16 matches (including cricket version), perfect hit overview and statistical tracking, very simple and clear Settings for different games and variants.  

  • Operating system: Android TM version 5.1.1 or higher is required. Apple iPad 3 / iPhone 5 or higher is required.
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    WIN. MAX China Smart electronic dartboard. Automatic scoring by the score value app allowing you to choose play different  Games. Starts reinvented to be fun for everyone. This smart scoring dartboard supports 1-4 people to play.   You can choose to start your game at home, outdoors, or in a bar.   You can use an APP that connects to your tablet or phone and lets you check your level at any time.   


    Smart Electronic Dartboard Using App to Play Features:

    dartboard with electronic scoring-02

    The smart electronic dartboard turbocharger 4.0 is an app-supported electronic dartboard with a 2-hole spacing.

    dartboard with electronic scoring-03

    App supported electronic dartboard, free app “Smartness Dartboard” for iOS and Android; Connection to tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

    dartboard with electronic scoring-01

    App with a user-friendly interface in English; 1-8 players; perfect hit overview & statistics tracking.

    digital dart board

    16 games (including cricket versions) initial equipment;

    2 holes spacing of the double/triple segments; Display and announcement (“Caller”) of the total achieved after 3 darts thrown.

    FAQs About Smart electronic dart boards:

    FAQ1 Q: What dart boards do professionals use? A: Professional dart players almost exclusively use bristle dartboard and smart electronic dartboard.
    FAQ2 Q: Why is a dartboard laid out the way it is? A: The numbering of a standard dartboard is designed in such a way as to cut down the incidence of 'lucky shots' and reduce the element of chance. The numbers are placed in such a way as to encourage accuracy.
    FAQ3 Q: How Do I Choose an Electronic Dart Board? A: Choosing an electronic dartboard starts with determining the main reason why you need it. Fun? Family? Practice? Then move on to your budget. Finally, let other factors like playing field size, different colors, game selection, and durability take over. Different boards are better for different reasons.
    FAQ4 Q: What is the heaviest soft tip dart? A: However, every player has a preference regarding the dart weight. When it comes to steel tip darts, the allowed weight ranges between 12 to 50 grams. 
    FAQ5 Q: Are electronic dartboards safe for kids? A: Well, yes. These boards are specially designed for kids. As the tips are made of plastic, there is little risk of injury. The main thing is to be responsible while using it.
    FAQ6 Q: Why is a dartboard laid out the way it is? A: The numbering of a standard dartboard is designed in such a way as to cut down the incidence of 'lucky shots' and reduce the element of chance. The numbers are placed in such a way as to encourage accuracy.
    FAQ7 Q: How much is a real dartboard? A: Dartboards can cost between $15 and $400 depending on the type, quality, and extra features. A standard steel tip dartboard might cost $65, while an electronic dartboard may be $200. Most kids' dartboard prices usually start around $15.
    FAQ8 Q: Which type of darts can I use with electronic dartboards? A: The best darts to use with an electronic dartboard are usually soft tip darts.

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  • Manufacturer  WIN.MAX
    Name Smart Electronic Dartboard
    Product Dimensions 45 x 51 x 4.2 cm; 2.3 Kilograms
    Function Sturdy and high-quality dartboard with 2 -hole spacing, connects to smartphones or tablets like iPhone, iPad, Galaxy etc.
    16 games (including cricket versions), 1-4 players
    Perfect hit overview and statistics tracking, very easy and clear set of different games and variants.
    Requires Android operating system version 5.1.1 or higher. Requires Apple iPad 3 / iPhone 5 or higher.
    Accessories 6 darts (12g)
    20 replacement tips
    Operation with USB cable (included)
    battery-operated (2AA batteries not included)


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