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One of the air hockey table for kids manufacturers and wholesalers in China.Get 2022 high quality air hockey table for kids.Get factory prices from online.

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·Small surface area draws guests attention without dominating the room

·Use 12mm thick MDF board for both aprons, more durable

·Attractive color sticker

·Special made puck catcher enable returning quicker

·High-powered motor for great airflow

·Comply with the European harmonized safety rules CE, RoHS, and American safety rules UL

·DIMENSIONS: 102.0×51.5×64.0cm

·WEIGHT: N.W.: 42.0kg

·Pairs well with other sports game rentals, classic arcade games, and interactive games!

Products Details

Smooth Surface & Attractive Appearance

Our air hockey table has white game countertops and colorful graphics that make it look like real ice hockey rinks. In addition, the smooth surface helps the puck to flow quickly and easily to help you get a better gaming experience.

High-powered motor for great air flow

Comply with the European harmonized safety rules CE, RoHS, and American safety rules UL. The choice for plugs suitable for China, Dubai, and England.

Table Dimensions 40" L x 20" W x 25" H

WIN.MAX 40” hockey game table is the perfect size air hockey table for kids and adults with limited room space.

Stable Construction & Safe Materials

Equipped with 4 full panel legs, our indoor hockey table can effectively prevent the hockey table from shaking or shifting during the game. In addition, premium MDF and PVC materials ensure long-term durability and safety.

Air hockey was invented by a group of Brunswick billiard employees, including Bob Lemieux, from 1969 to 1972. A typical air hockey table consists of a large smooth playing surface, surrounded by rails to prevent the puck from leaving the table and mallets that are slotted in at the ends of the table where the rails serve as targets.

At the back and below the ends of the target table, there is usually a puck return. In addition, tables usually have some sort of mechanically generated air cushion on the playing surface through small holes with the aim of reducing friction and increasing playing speed. Some tables, mechanically shunned in favour of a smooth table surface, are usually plastic, saving money in manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Note that these tables are technically not air hockey tables as no air is involved, however, they are still commonly understood to be due to the basic similarity of the game etc. Cams also exist that use batteries and fans to produce their own air cushions, but they break easily and they are usually only sold as toys.

Currently, the only table approved for play and tournament play by USAA (United States Air Table Hockey Association) is an 8 foot long table manufactured by a generator. Approved tables include photon, favor style, old blue top, brown top, purple top or varnished rails with black tops.

Not approved for play on HotFlash 2 and other full size commercial neon and/or painted rail tables by USAA, but can be used to learn the game.

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  • Manufacturer  WIN.MAX
    Name 40″ air hockey table
    Model WMGHG218
    Product Dimension 102.0×51.5×64.0cm
    Function Use 12mm thick MDF board for both aprons, more durable
    Attractive color sticker
    Special made puck catcher enable returning quicker
    High-powered motor for great airflow
    Comply with the European harmonized safety rules CE, RoHS, and American safety rules UL
    Accessories 2 pcs Φ65mm pushers,
    2 pcs of 55mm puck;
    Assembling Instruction.
    Packing Ctn Size: 104x54x12.5cm, 1 pcs/ctn
    G.W.: 44.3kg
    N.W.: 42.0kg 

    Why buy an air hockey table?

    The air hockey table is a great family accessory to release stress, improve reflexes, and is suitable for friends, family and children.

    How to choose an air hockey table?

    Appearance: You may not think that appearance is important, but a good air hockey table is often well made and matches the table top, making it more enjoyable for you to play.

    Durability: a durable air hockey table will last you for years, consider sturdy construction when buying an air hockey table (examples: MDF , PVC, reinforced legs, etc.)

    Smooth surface: A typical air hockey table includes a large, smooth playing surface designed to minimise friction, a wrap-around track to prevent the puck and bat (racket) from leaving the table, and track slots at the ends of the table that act as goals. The key to an air hockey table is therefore how it allows your puck to glide across the surface. This is based on the strength of the air distribution system in the centre of the table.

    Question1:Is it loud when the fan is running?

    Answer:I don’t feel like it’s loud…you can definitely hear it but it’s tolerable.

    Question2:Is it foldable?

    Answer:The top is all one piece, legs were put on separately.

    Question3:Can I place this outdoors??

    Answer:I would not put this item outdoors unless you protect it from the elements. I think the table top would warp if it got wet.

    Question4:Is this table tall enough for adults?

    Answer:Yes,it is! Got this for my 5 year old BIG boy for Christmas and he has to go on his top toes to reach the center of the table. We all had a ball playing!

    Question5:Can this fold for storage?

    Answer:No the table does not fold up. You would have to unscrew the legs

    Question6:Is this electric or battery operated?


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