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WIN.MAX steel tip darts suit is a well-designed, streamlined steel tip with a specially designed line that is stylish and non-slip.  Made of high quality aluminum material, you will feel the lines are very smooth during the flight, steel tip darts are generally suitable for the bristle dartboard and sisal dartboard

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Win. Max is one of the best manufacturers of dart accessories and sporting goods in the world. This set offers you a unique and practical combined amazing design gift box. Suitable for most types of darts and all types of difficulty, beginners and experienced players can offer you wonderful leisure time.

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Your professional darts set includes:

- Darts Pack of 12
- Additional flights pack of 30
- Rubber rings 50pcs





Streamline steel tips

50 rubber rings

2BA aluminum dart shafts.

Rubber tip protector


In addition to steel tip darts, we also have soft tip darts and dartboards for sale.  If you don't want darts, then you can choose our football table or air hockey table to make you have fun.  We are committed to finding partners around the world who share a common goal. If you have the same idea, please contact us.  


Precise and functional dart barrels.

The well-thought-out fluting in the front and deeper grooves in the back offer a comfortable, secure grip, ensure a stable trajectory and give you full control over your arrow. With a weight of 24 grams, these darts fly neatly and straight, allowing beginners to learn and improve and allowing experts to show what is inside them.


Have fun at parties

The dart sets are for 4 players. Whether you play with friends or train alone, the high-quality steel tip darts from this set will improve your skills and increase your fun. The firm grip and improved trajectory control, ideal for beginners of the game, will lead to higher accuracy.


The firm grip and improved trajectory control, ideal for beginners of the game, will lead to higher accuracy.

  • Warning: Children should be supervised with darts during play!

People also ask:

1. A: What is the weight of professional steel tip darts?

    Q: Most Players will use something around 20–26 grams,  If you're buying your first set of steel tip darts, we recommend 24–26 grams as a good starting point.

2. A: What darts do professional dart players use?

Q: All pros use tungsten darts. Tungsten is dense, allowing you to have a thinner, but heavier dart.

3. A: What are tungsten steel darts?

    Q: Tungsten is used in dart production because of its high weight-to-volume ratio. The higher the percentage of tungsten, the slimmer the dart will be.

4. A: What is the throwing distance for steel tip darts?

    Q: Horizontal distance is 7 feet 9 ¼ inches (2.37 meters).

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  • Item Name WMG92541
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Brand Name WIN.MAX
    Model Number WMG92541
    Type DARTS
    Age >8 Years
    is_customized Yes
    Logo WINMAX/OEM Logo
    Package gift packaging
    Package Dimensions 32.2*25.8*49.2cm
    Packing 48 sets/ctn
    N.W. 19.3 kgs
    G.W. 19.7 kgs



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