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Billiards is a very enjoyable game.  At least for young people, they can not only practice their skills, but also strengthen their bond with friends and develop rapport.  But for most of the time, we might go to the club to play pool.  This is not very convenient for most people. This mini billiards pool not only allows you to play at home, it’s also kid-friendly because it’s small enough.  

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WIN.MAX Mini Pool Table Classics 20-Inch Blue Table Top Billiard Table Gift for Kids

On these special days, this fascinating children's pool table will not only create a diversion of kids’ attention in playing outside but also reduce the time that children spend playing on mobile phones and computers.


 Change of Children in Recreational Activities

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Durable & High-Quality MDF

Odorless PVC with Realistic Wood Grain.

Mini Pool Table-WINMAX-10

Clinquant Velvet

Not Easy to Be Tore

No Pilling & Won Not Change Color after Hitting.

Mini Pool Table-WINMAX-11


High-Quality Resin Ball with Outstanding Bounce

Share the Same Style & Materials with Ones in Regular Size.

Mini Pool Table-WINMAX-12


Smooth Wooden Cues

Comfortable for Tender Hands of Children.

Mini size of this pool table is specially designed for kids. But kids under 3 years old should play it with adults to prevent themselves from swallowing the mini balls. With you, your little kids will get not only happiness but also safety.

Manufacturer   WIN.MAX
Name  Foldable Pool Table,20-Inch Blue Table Top Billiard Table Gift for Kids.
Model  WMG08979
Product Dimention 46Lx28Wx8H(cm)
Function Material: MDF, Production Weight:1kg
Unique navy cloth and red frame make this mini billiard table so different from other ones。
The smaller size is additionally suitable for youngsters to play with。
This fascinating billiards game reduces the time that children spend playing on mobile phones and computers.
But kids under 3 years old should play it with adults to stop themselves from swallowing the mini balls.
Accessories  2 pcs 34cm cues
 1 set of pool balls
 1 plastic triangle
Packing  50×49×31cm  6 pcs/ctn
 G.W.: 12.1kgs
 N.W.: 10.2kgs

[MATERIALS] Made of high-quality MDF, the mini pool table is pretty stable and durable. Mini balls, sharing the same materials with regular ones, give you the most authentic billiards experience.


[DESIGN] Unique dark blue cloth and dark red frame make this mini pool table so different from other ones. All pool tables can be used to play games. Why do not you choose an eye-catching one?

Mini Pool Table-WINMAX-07
  • All the fun of pool, without taking up the majority of a game room with an expensive table.
  • Compact size enables easy storage and portability for condensed fun anywhere with a table or flat surface.
  • Side ball return allows for easier ball retrieval, similar to pub-style billiards tables.
WIN.MAX mini pool table

This is a portable pool table does not take up much space in the game room, living room, dormitory, or bedroom, you and your family can play at home anytime. Due to its miniature size, this fun pool game is easy to learn and is great for practicing hand-eye coordination and teamwork.

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  • So authentic! So enjoyable! So fun!

    We are the couple who loves playing pool. This is easily our favorite night out activity. So during the lockdown and now still until who knows when we’re not going to be able to play pool. So when I saw this tiny table game I got a bit excited) so I ordered it and was expecting something like I had when I was a kid, 5×3 inch plastic table with plastic sticks and plastic balls. Guys, this is not it at all. The table is big and sturdy, with a nice finish, good cloth, flat surface. The sticks are wooden! They are genuinely small versions of the real thing!!) the chalk is the original chalk, exactly the same that you use in the real game. The balls are also made from the real stuff (it’s a shame for me to love the game so much but to not know what exactly are the balls made of:))), they are heavy, glossy, they feel amazing!!! There’s also a brush to clean the table cloth. It’s very easy and fun to play. I would say a bit too easy though) because the holes are way to big for the tiny balls) as someone who enjoys the challenge of the real game this one feels a bit too easy) but again, it’s a toy game! So it definitely does the job of bringing you joy, fun, and entertainment. So if you love the game, missed it, and also can’t afford the real pool table at the moment) go for this little perfect version of it!)

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    Fun for anyone who like pool!

    THIS IS SO CUTE! It’s advertised as a child’s toy but it could be fun for anyone who enjoys pool. It comes with miniature versions of the balls, pool cues, chalk, triangle, and a little brush to clean off the table. It appears to be well made, but the pockets are a little hard to get the balls out of if you have larger hands. The balls are only about an inch in diameter so keep them away from small children and pets.

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    LOVE it! It’s so cute!

    This is the funnest miniature pool table! I grew up just loving mini things like mini deck of cards, mini uno, mini bop it and so on. This reminds me of all those fun miniature items and is just so cute! Haha aside from that it’s perfect for small apartments/ houses, or if you don’t want a large pool table to take up half your room! It’s also great for kids as it’s more their size, great for them to learn and get the concept with.


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