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Win.Max darts set is made of high quality brass framed steel tubes. They are very stable and can withstand natural wear and even cases on concrete and casts that miss the dartboard.The carefully designed 18 g darts cut through the air and the sharp tips stay stuck with every throw. A really good dart must have a good balance and must not be too light. After many tests, WIN.MAX can offer you such a dart.

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WIN. MAX was founded in 2008 and is specialized in supplying the darts and sporting goods market with the most cost-effective entry-level dart sets. All of our darts have been designed by our experienced engineers who have been playing and designing darts for more than two decades.

win.max darts

Product Description

The pack comprises:

12*Darts, 24*Additional Flights, 50*Tips, 2*Flight Guard,20*O Ring, and 1*Kitimat.





Unbreakable aluminium shafts
Strong plastic tips
Flight protection
Darts tool
Unbreakable aluminium shafts

Lightweight, slim aluminium shafts give the darts an extraordinary balance. Each shaft is equipped with a rubber shaft, a so-called O-ring that secures the shaft against loosening on the 2BA standard thread.

Unbreakable aluminium shafts

Strong plastic tips

The sturdy plastic tips are made of high quality material with a gentle shape. They are ideal for any type of electronic dartboard. The matte surface has been specially developed to ensure that the dart sticks to the dartboard and does not pop out again.

Strong plastic tips


Flight protection

At the end of the flight, put on a flight protector to better protect it from damage caused by the next thrown dartboard. The flight protectors also help maintain the shape of the flight, which improves the balance of the darts during flight.

Flight protection



Darts tool

 It prevents the shafts or tips from loosening during a dart game. You can use the multi tool to tighten the shafts and tips. With the help of the tool you can also remove a broken tip from the shaft.

Darts tool


win.max darts sets

Unlike other dart sets, our perfectly crafted barrel has a full surface texture for good grip, suitable for any finger position, whether you grip the dart at the front or back. Our set includes 24 Polypro standard flights for a stable trajectory, flight protectors, and a dart multi-tool.

win.max darts2

The set has been designed to increase flight speed, reduce drag and bounce. Because it is about the most straightforward trajectory and its precise precision. The strong soft tip darts have an excellent tactical finish that feels just right in the hand and looks fantastic. The excellent grip points for a stable hand rest help every throw to be a perfect cast.

win.max darts3

Our darts not only offer a better grip thanks to the nubs, but are also uniformly light, 100% straight for a controlled trajectory, and the central wings reduce bounce. See for yourself. Win. Max darts are very durable. Even a fall on concrete can only harm them.

What makes an entry-level set?

Barrel material: nickel silver is cost-effective and is perfect for the recreational player at home and for occasional pub games. In addition, nickel silver is tarnish-resistant.

Weight of the darts: soft tip darts are weighted with handle, flight, and shaft. The weights used to play soft darts are usually 16, 18, or 20 grams and thus much lighter than their counterparts with steel tips. 18 grams is the most common choice.

Length of darts: the accepted maximum length of darts in competitions is 30 cm. Most darts are far from this length, they are between 12 and 18 cm (including flight and shaft). A long dart would wobble excessively, which makes it difficult to control the dart. The darts in our set are approx. 6.25 inches long, which is best for beginners.

Grip shape of the darts: this set offers you a unique and practical combination with a precise and practical handle. Our barrels combine the advantages of knurling and a center of gravity at the front. Knurled grooves on the front and deep grooves on the back ensure a comfortable, firm grip and reduce the grip effect of the fingers when loosening the darts. This ensures a perfect trajectory and better control of the casts.

Increase your accuracy with perfect grip and 100% balance for controlled and perfect casting.


Ideal for beginners or indoor leisure activities.


People also ask:

1. A: What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

    Q: The weights being used to play soft tip darts are most commonly 16, 18, and 20 grams and are much lighter than their steel tip counterparts.

2. A: What are the best professional soft tip darts?

   Q: WIN.MAX Soft Dart set 18g Professional darts.

3. A: What soft tip darts do the pros use?

   Q: Most shooters only consider darts in the 16-20 gram range

4. A: Can you use soft tip darts on a regular dartboard?

   Q: You must be eager to know whether soft tip darts can or can't be used on a regular board, right? Since soft tip darts and steel tip darts are basically the same – the difference is that soft tip darts have plastic on their head – they can be used on regular or bristle dartboards easily.

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  • Item Name WMG70020
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Brand Name WIN.MAX
    Model Number WMG70020
    Type DARTS
    Age >8 Years
    is_customized Yes
    Logo WINMAX/OEM Logo
    Package gift packaging
    Package Dimensions 44*25.8*49.2cm
    Packing 60 sets/ctn
    N.W. 20 kgs
    G.W. 20.5 kgs
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