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Darts has been a popular game for hundreds of years. Playing darts with family and friends is a great way to relieve stress during a pleasant holiday. As the largest supplier of darts and game tables in China, WinMax is committed to providing a one-stop solution for your billiards and games needs. We have the widest range of billiards tables, foosball tables, table tennis tables, hockey tables, darts, electronic darts, darts accessories and so on in China.

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WinMax was founded in 2008. MAX is a professional company that provides the most cost-effective beginner darts equipment for the darts market. All of our darts and dartboards are made by our experienced engineers who have been playing and making darts for over twenty years.

Specially designed flights increase speed and balance, provide a consistent flight path and precise positioning. The careful design also gives the whole dart a special aesthetic. Made of pine wood, this 18-inch board with a cabinet comes complete with six darts, chalk, and hanging tools. The cabinet door protects the wall behind the darts when you are throwing them, and closes the cabinet door to prevent dust from entering when you are not playing. It is also a good decoration. This will be a dartboard for the best bristles.

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27 games with 195 scoring options and accommodates up-to 8 players for endless entertainment and countless possibilities. Cyber play with 5 skill levels.

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Our deluxe solid wood dartboard cabinet is made from red pine with custom cabinet case can hang on any wall and has a strong box joint construction for durability with quality hinges to prevent doors from slamming and wear-and-tear.

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Concave segment holes and ultra thin wire help prevent bounce outs. A large catch ring surrounds the target face creating a 360 degree landing zone for any missed shots, protecting your walls from damage.


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Sturdy ABS cabinet; built-in slots in the doors store up to four sets of darts and other dart accessories

Dartboard specification:

The WIN.MAX Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set let you practice your skills and compete against friends in this classic game. The bristle target is official size and features a zero glare number ring that can be rotated for even wear all around. In addition, this set has 2 steel tip darts and a PVC laminated wood cabinet with the dry-erase scoreboard.

• Manufacturer: WIN.MAX

• Name: Bristle dartboard cabinet

• Model: WMG50268 / 50275

• Product dimention: 18''

• Cabinet: 18" MDF cabinet with scoreboards and dart holders

• Dartboard: 18"x1-1/2 round wire bristle dartboard with a staple-free bullseye and moveable number ring

• Accessories:2 sets of darts,chalk packing,fixing kit

• Packing: color box packing,2 sets/ctn;  Ctn Size: 53x21x65.5cm,G.W.: 22.5kg,N.W.: 22kg 


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  • Question:does it use chalk to mark the scoring and does it come with chalk?
    Answer:Yes, it just arrived and has chalk and an eraser.

    Question:is is hard to mount the dartboard on the wall?
    Answer:It wasn’t hard for me it came with mounting hardware and screws you’ll need a drill and a screwdriver that’s about it

    No. It’s pretty easy. Just like hanging a picture

    Question:Are the darts steel tip ?
    Answer:Yes, that darts are steel tip.

    Question:Can this be hung on the wall?
    Answer:Certainly can be hung on a wall, I mounted my son’s in his room on his wall

    Question:How do these boards do in high moisture environment. My home is elevated I plan to get one and put under my home.
    Answer:I personally would not use it in a high moisture area. The wood could warp or get moldy. We use ours in the basement.

    It does well, my husband has his in our detached garage that has a ton of moisture. You should be perfectly fine.

    Question:Is the backing around the dart board cork? Or is it all wood?
    Answer:Its all wood behind the board.

    The back of the cabinet is wood.

    Question:Is the dartboard self healing?
    Answer:Yes it is!

    Question:What is the recommended age for this item ?
    Answer:Mid- to late-teens and older. Very popular with teen-aged grandsons and their parents.

    DARTS ARE SHARP. I would say 12

    Question:Are the 2 holes in back of cabinet even with center of bulls eye?
    Answer:Really close. The top (narrow part) of the key-shaped holes are just above the center board mount.

    Question:What is the best way to hang this cabinet? One of the pics shows like the cabinet is supposed to have 4 holes for mounting. Am I missing something?
    Answer:These are a direct ship, so I don’t have one for reference. I would imagine 2 screws are for the cabinet to mount to the wall and the other 2 are to mount the dartboard in the cabinet. Are there pre drilled notches?

    Question:Can the dart board be replaced
    Answer:yes it can

    Question:Does this really come with the dartboard, house cabinet and darts?
    Answer:Yes it does and for the price it is a very nice set. The darts are entry level but I played with them and they were pretty decent darts for cheap ones. The cabinet is veneer but well made. We put cork board inside before putting the dart board in to protect the wood. I would buy again.

    It does. The dartboard is great and worth the price of the package. The darts are not high-quality. The cabinet is great for indoors or protected from weather but it is a laminate and will breakdown if exposed.

    Yes. Quality is ok for the price. Good starter set.

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